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package options

import ""


Package Files

block.go dht.go global.go key.go name.go object.go pin.go pubsub.go unixfs.go


const (
    RSAKey     = "rsa"
    Ed25519Key = "ed25519"

    DefaultRSALen = 2048
const (
    DefaultNameValidTime = 24 * time.Hour


var Api apiOpts
var Block blockOpts
var Dht dhtOpts
var Key keyOpts
var Name nameOpts
var Object objectOpts
var Pin pinOpts

Pin provide an access to all the options for the Pin API.

var PubSub pubsubOpts
var Unixfs unixfsOpts

type ApiOption Uses

type ApiOption func(*ApiSettings) error

type ApiSettings Uses

type ApiSettings struct {
    Offline     bool
    FetchBlocks bool

func ApiOptions Uses

func ApiOptions(opts ...ApiOption) (*ApiSettings, error)

func ApiOptionsTo Uses

func ApiOptionsTo(options *ApiSettings, opts ...ApiOption) (*ApiSettings, error)

type BlockPutOption Uses

type BlockPutOption func(*BlockPutSettings) error

type BlockPutSettings Uses

type BlockPutSettings struct {
    Codec    string
    MhType   uint64
    MhLength int
    Pin      bool

func BlockPutOptions Uses

func BlockPutOptions(opts ...BlockPutOption) (*BlockPutSettings, cid.Prefix, error)

type BlockRmOption Uses

type BlockRmOption func(*BlockRmSettings) error

type BlockRmSettings Uses

type BlockRmSettings struct {
    Force bool

func BlockRmOptions Uses

func BlockRmOptions(opts ...BlockRmOption) (*BlockRmSettings, error)

type DhtFindProvidersOption Uses

type DhtFindProvidersOption func(*DhtFindProvidersSettings) error

type DhtFindProvidersSettings Uses

type DhtFindProvidersSettings struct {
    NumProviders int

func DhtFindProvidersOptions Uses

func DhtFindProvidersOptions(opts ...DhtFindProvidersOption) (*DhtFindProvidersSettings, error)

type DhtProvideOption Uses

type DhtProvideOption func(*DhtProvideSettings) error

type DhtProvideSettings Uses

type DhtProvideSettings struct {
    Recursive bool

func DhtProvideOptions Uses

func DhtProvideOptions(opts ...DhtProvideOption) (*DhtProvideSettings, error)

type KeyGenerateOption Uses

type KeyGenerateOption func(*KeyGenerateSettings) error

type KeyGenerateSettings Uses

type KeyGenerateSettings struct {
    Algorithm string
    Size      int

func KeyGenerateOptions Uses

func KeyGenerateOptions(opts ...KeyGenerateOption) (*KeyGenerateSettings, error)

type KeyRenameOption Uses

type KeyRenameOption func(*KeyRenameSettings) error

type KeyRenameSettings Uses

type KeyRenameSettings struct {
    Force bool

func KeyRenameOptions Uses

func KeyRenameOptions(opts ...KeyRenameOption) (*KeyRenameSettings, error)

type Layout Uses

type Layout int
const (
    BalancedLayout Layout = iota

type NamePublishOption Uses

type NamePublishOption func(*NamePublishSettings) error

type NamePublishSettings Uses

type NamePublishSettings struct {
    ValidTime time.Duration
    Key       string

    TTL *time.Duration

    AllowOffline bool

func NamePublishOptions Uses

func NamePublishOptions(opts ...NamePublishOption) (*NamePublishSettings, error)

type NameResolveOption Uses

type NameResolveOption func(*NameResolveSettings) error

type NameResolveSettings Uses

type NameResolveSettings struct {
    Cache bool

    ResolveOpts []ropts.ResolveOpt

func NameResolveOptions Uses

func NameResolveOptions(opts ...NameResolveOption) (*NameResolveSettings, error)

type ObjectAddLinkOption Uses

type ObjectAddLinkOption func(*ObjectAddLinkSettings) error

type ObjectAddLinkSettings Uses

type ObjectAddLinkSettings struct {
    Create bool

func ObjectAddLinkOptions Uses

func ObjectAddLinkOptions(opts ...ObjectAddLinkOption) (*ObjectAddLinkSettings, error)

type ObjectNewOption Uses

type ObjectNewOption func(*ObjectNewSettings) error

type ObjectNewSettings Uses

type ObjectNewSettings struct {
    Type string

func ObjectNewOptions Uses

func ObjectNewOptions(opts ...ObjectNewOption) (*ObjectNewSettings, error)

type ObjectPutOption Uses

type ObjectPutOption func(*ObjectPutSettings) error

type ObjectPutSettings Uses

type ObjectPutSettings struct {
    InputEnc string
    DataType string
    Pin      bool

func ObjectPutOptions Uses

func ObjectPutOptions(opts ...ObjectPutOption) (*ObjectPutSettings, error)

type PinAddOption Uses

type PinAddOption func(*PinAddSettings) error

PinAddOption is the signature of an option for PinAPI.Add

type PinAddSettings Uses

type PinAddSettings struct {
    Recursive bool

PinAddSettings represent the settings for PinAPI.Add

func PinAddOptions Uses

func PinAddOptions(opts ...PinAddOption) (*PinAddSettings, error)

PinAddOptions compile a series of PinAddOption into a ready to use PinAddSettings and set the default values.

type PinIsPinnedOption Uses

type PinIsPinnedOption func(*PinIsPinnedSettings) error

PinIsPinnedOption is the signature of an option for PinAPI.IsPinned

type PinIsPinnedSettings Uses

type PinIsPinnedSettings struct {
    WithType string

PinIsPinnedSettings represent the settings for PinAPI.IsPinned

func PinIsPinnedOptions Uses

func PinIsPinnedOptions(opts ...PinIsPinnedOption) (*PinIsPinnedSettings, error)

PinIsPinnedOptions compile a series of PinIsPinnedOption into a ready to use PinIsPinnedSettings and set the default values.

type PinLsOption Uses

type PinLsOption func(*PinLsSettings) error

PinLsOption is the signature of an option for PinAPI.Ls

type PinLsSettings Uses

type PinLsSettings struct {
    Type string

PinLsSettings represent the settings for PinAPI.Ls

func PinLsOptions Uses

func PinLsOptions(opts ...PinLsOption) (*PinLsSettings, error)

PinLsOptions compile a series of PinLsOption into a ready to use PinLsSettings and set the default values.

type PinRmOption Uses

type PinRmOption func(*PinRmSettings) error

PinRmOption is the signature of an option for PinAPI.Rm

type PinRmSettings Uses

type PinRmSettings struct {
    Recursive bool

PinRmSettings represents the settings for PinAPI.Rm

func PinRmOptions Uses

func PinRmOptions(opts ...PinRmOption) (*PinRmSettings, error)

PinRmOptions compile a series of PinRmOption into a ready to use PinRmSettings and set the default values.

type PinUpdateOption Uses

type PinUpdateOption func(*PinUpdateSettings) error

PinUpdateOption is the signature of an option for PinAPI.Update

type PinUpdateSettings Uses

type PinUpdateSettings struct {
    Unpin bool

PinUpdateSettings represent the settings for PinAPI.Update

func PinUpdateOptions Uses

func PinUpdateOptions(opts ...PinUpdateOption) (*PinUpdateSettings, error)

PinUpdateOptions compile a series of PinUpdateOption into a ready to use PinUpdateSettings and set the default values.

type PubSubPeersOption Uses

type PubSubPeersOption func(*PubSubPeersSettings) error

type PubSubPeersSettings Uses

type PubSubPeersSettings struct {
    Topic string

func PubSubPeersOptions Uses

func PubSubPeersOptions(opts ...PubSubPeersOption) (*PubSubPeersSettings, error)

type PubSubSubscribeOption Uses

type PubSubSubscribeOption func(*PubSubSubscribeSettings) error

type PubSubSubscribeSettings Uses

type PubSubSubscribeSettings struct {
    Discover bool

func PubSubSubscribeOptions Uses

func PubSubSubscribeOptions(opts ...PubSubSubscribeOption) (*PubSubSubscribeSettings, error)

type UnixfsAddOption Uses

type UnixfsAddOption func(*UnixfsAddSettings) error

type UnixfsAddSettings Uses

type UnixfsAddSettings struct {
    CidVersion int
    MhType     uint64

    Inline       bool
    InlineLimit  int
    RawLeaves    bool
    RawLeavesSet bool

    Chunker string
    Layout  Layout

    Pin      bool
    OnlyHash bool
    FsCache  bool
    NoCopy   bool

    Events   chan<- interface{}
    Silent   bool
    Progress bool

func UnixfsAddOptions Uses

func UnixfsAddOptions(opts ...UnixfsAddOption) (*UnixfsAddSettings, cid.Prefix, error)

type UnixfsLsOption Uses

type UnixfsLsOption func(*UnixfsLsSettings) error

type UnixfsLsSettings Uses

type UnixfsLsSettings struct {
    ResolveChildren bool

func UnixfsLsOptions Uses

func UnixfsLsOptions(opts ...UnixfsLsOption) (*UnixfsLsSettings, error)



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