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package stateless

import "github.com/ipfs/ipfs-cluster/pintracker/stateless"

Package stateless implements a PinTracker component for IPFS Cluster, which aims to reduce the memory footprint when handling really large cluster states.


Package Files

config.go stateless.go


const (
    DefaultMaxPinQueueSize = 1000000
    DefaultConcurrentPins  = 10

Default values for this Config.


var (
    // ErrFullQueue is the error used when pin or unpin operation channel is full.
    ErrFullQueue = errors.New("pin/unpin operation queue is full. Try increasing max_pin_queue_size")

type Config Uses

type Config struct {

    // If higher, they will automatically marked with an error.
    MaxPinQueueSize int
    // ConcurrentPins specifies how many pin requests can be sent to the ipfs
    // daemon in parallel. If the pinning method is "refs", it might increase
    // speed. Unpin requests are always processed one by one.
    ConcurrentPins int

Config allows to initialize a Monitor and customize some parameters.

func (*Config) ApplyEnvVars Uses

func (cfg *Config) ApplyEnvVars() error

ApplyEnvVars fills in any Config fields found as environment variables.

func (*Config) ConfigKey Uses

func (cfg *Config) ConfigKey() string

ConfigKey provides a human-friendly identifier for this type of Config.

func (*Config) Default Uses

func (cfg *Config) Default() error

Default sets the fields of this Config to sensible values.

func (*Config) LoadJSON Uses

func (cfg *Config) LoadJSON(raw []byte) error

LoadJSON sets the fields of this Config to the values defined by the JSON representation of it, as generated by ToJSON.

func (*Config) ToDisplayJSON Uses

func (cfg *Config) ToDisplayJSON() ([]byte, error)

ToDisplayJSON returns JSON config as a string.

func (*Config) ToJSON Uses

func (cfg *Config) ToJSON() ([]byte, error)

ToJSON generates a human-friendly JSON representation of this Config.

func (*Config) Validate Uses

func (cfg *Config) Validate() error

Validate checks that the fields of this Config have working values, at least in appearance.

type Tracker Uses

type Tracker struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Tracker uses the optracker.OperationTracker to manage transitioning shared ipfs-cluster state (Pins) to the local IPFS node.

func New Uses

func New(cfg *Config, pid peer.ID, peerName string, getState func(ctx context.Context) (state.ReadOnly, error)) *Tracker

New creates a new StatelessPinTracker.

func (*Tracker) OpContext Uses

func (spt *Tracker) OpContext(ctx context.Context, c cid.Cid) context.Context

OpContext exports the internal optracker's OpContext method. For testing purposes only.

func (*Tracker) Recover Uses

func (spt *Tracker) Recover(ctx context.Context, c cid.Cid) (*api.PinInfo, error)

Recover will trigger pinning or unpinning for items in PinError or UnpinError states.

func (*Tracker) RecoverAll Uses

func (spt *Tracker) RecoverAll(ctx context.Context) ([]*api.PinInfo, error)

RecoverAll attempts to recover all items tracked by this peer.

func (*Tracker) SetClient Uses

func (spt *Tracker) SetClient(c *rpc.Client)

SetClient makes the StatelessPinTracker ready to perform RPC requests to other components.

func (*Tracker) Shutdown Uses

func (spt *Tracker) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

Shutdown finishes the services provided by the StatelessPinTracker and cancels any active context.

func (*Tracker) Status Uses

func (spt *Tracker) Status(ctx context.Context, c cid.Cid) *api.PinInfo

Status returns information for a Cid pinned to the local IPFS node.

func (*Tracker) StatusAll Uses

func (spt *Tracker) StatusAll(ctx context.Context) []*api.PinInfo

StatusAll returns information for all Cids pinned to the local IPFS node.

func (*Tracker) Track Uses

func (spt *Tracker) Track(ctx context.Context, c *api.Pin) error

Track tells the StatelessPinTracker to start managing a Cid, possibly triggering Pin operations on the IPFS daemon.

func (*Tracker) Untrack Uses

func (spt *Tracker) Untrack(ctx context.Context, c cid.Cid) error

Untrack tells the StatelessPinTracker to stop managing a Cid. If the Cid is pinned locally, it will be unpinned.

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