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package ctxwatch

import ""


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type ContextWatcher Uses

type ContextWatcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ContextWatcher watches a context and performs an action when the context is canceled. It can watch one context at a time.

func NewContextWatcher Uses

func NewContextWatcher(onCancel func(), onUnwatchAfterCancel func()) *ContextWatcher

NewContextWatcher returns a ContextWatcher. onCancel will be called when a watched context is canceled. OnUnwatchAfterCancel will be called when Unwatch is called and the watched context had already been canceled and onCancel called.

func (*ContextWatcher) Unwatch Uses

func (cw *ContextWatcher) Unwatch()

Unwatch stops watching the previously watched context. If the onCancel function passed to NewContextWatcher was called then onUnwatchAfterCancel will also be called.

func (*ContextWatcher) Watch Uses

func (cw *ContextWatcher) Watch(ctx context.Context)

Watch starts watching ctx. If ctx is canceled then the onCancel function passed to NewContextWatcher will be called.

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