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package pgio

import ""

Package pgio is a low-level toolkit building messages in the PostgreSQL wire protocol.

pgio provides functions for appending integers to a []byte while doing byte order conversion.


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func AppendInt16 Uses

func AppendInt16(buf []byte, n int16) []byte

func AppendInt32 Uses

func AppendInt32(buf []byte, n int32) []byte

func AppendInt64 Uses

func AppendInt64(buf []byte, n int64) []byte

func AppendUint16 Uses

func AppendUint16(buf []byte, n uint16) []byte

func AppendUint32 Uses

func AppendUint32(buf []byte, n uint32) []byte

func AppendUint64 Uses

func AppendUint64(buf []byte, n uint64) []byte

func SetInt32 Uses

func SetInt32(buf []byte, n int32)

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