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DVID is a *distributed, versioned, image-oriented datastore* written in Go that supports different storage backends, a Level 2 REST HTTP API, command-line access, and a FUSE frontend to at least one of its data types. It has been tested on both MacOS X and Linux (Fedora 16, CentOS 6) but not on Windows.

The starting point for DVID documentation is the README.md file in the DVID repo: https://github.com/janelia-flyem/dvid#dvid-

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datastorePackage datastore provides versioning and persisting supported data types using one of the supported storage engines.
datatypePackage datatype provides interfaces for arbitrary datatypes supported in DVID.
datatype/annotationPackage annotation supports point annotation management and queries.
datatype/common/downresPackage downres provides a system for computing multi-scale 3d arrays given mutations.
datatype/common/labelsPackage labels supports label-based data types like labelblk, labelvol, labelsurf, labelsz, etc.
datatype/common/protoPackage proto is a generated protocol buffer package.
datatype/googlevoxelsPackage googlevoxels implements DVID support for multi-scale tiles and volumes in XY, XZ, and YZ orientation using the Google BrainMaps API.
datatype/imageblkPackage imageblk implements DVID support for image blocks of various formats (uint8, uint16, rgba8).
datatype/imagetilePackage imagetile implements DVID support for imagetiles in XY, XZ, and YZ orientation.
datatype/keyvaluePackage keyvalue implements DVID support for data using generic key-value.
datatype/labelarrayPackage labelarray handles both volumes of label data as well as indexing to quickly find and generate sparse volumes of any particular label.
datatype/labelblkPackage labelblk supports only label volumes.
datatype/labelgraphPackage labelgraph implements DVID support for data using the underlying graph storage engine.
datatype/labelmapPackage labelmap handles both volumes of label data as well as indexing to quickly find and generate sparse volumes of any particular label.
datatype/labelszPackage labelsz supports ranking labels by # annotations of each type.
datatype/labelvolPackage labelvol supports label-specific sparse volumes.
datatype/multichan16Package multichan16 tailors the voxels data type for 16-bit fluorescent images with multiple channels that can be read from V3D Raw format.
datatype/roiPackage roi implements DVID support for Region-Of-Interest operations.
datatype/tarsupervoxelsPackage tarsupervoxels implements DVID support for data blobs associated with supervoxels.
dvidPackage dvid provides types, constants, and functions that have no other dependencies and can be used by all packages within DVID.
serverPackage server configures and launches http/rpc server and storage engines specific to the type of DVID platform: local (e.g., running on MacBook Pro), clustered, or using cloud-based services like Google Cloud.
storagePackage storage provides a unified interface to a number of storage engines.
storage/swiftPackage swift adds Openstack Swift support to DVID.

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