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package labelgraph

import "github.com/janelia-flyem/dvid/datatype/labelgraph"

Package labelgraph implements DVID support for data using the underlying graph storage engine.


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const (
    Version  = "0.1"
    RepoURL  = "github.com/janelia-flyem/dvid/datatype/labelgraph"
    TypeName = "labelgraph"

func NewTransactionGroup Uses

func NewTransactionGroup(log *transactionLog, current_requestor_id uint64) *transactionGroup

NewTransactionGroup returns a pointer to a new transaction group

func NewTransactionLog Uses

func NewTransactionLog() *transactionLog

NewTransactionLog creats a pointer to transaction log, initializing relevant maps

type Data Uses

type Data struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Data embeds the datastore's Data and extends it with transaction properties (default values are okay after deserializing).

func (*Data) DoRPC Uses

func (d *Data) DoRPC(request datastore.Request, reply *datastore.Response) error

DoRPC acts as a switchboard for RPC commands -- not supported

func (*Data) Equals Uses

func (d *Data) Equals(d2 *Data) bool

func (*Data) ExtractGraph Uses

func (d *Data) ExtractGraph(r *http.Request, disableSchema bool) (*LabelGraph, error)

ExtractGraph takes the client's supplied JSON, verifies that it conforms to the schema, and loads it into the LabelGraph data structure

func (*Data) GobDecode Uses

func (d *Data) GobDecode(b []byte) error

func (*Data) GobEncode Uses

func (d *Data) GobEncode() ([]byte, error)

func (*Data) Help Uses

func (d *Data) Help() string

Help returns help mesage for datatype

func (*Data) MarshalJSON Uses

func (d *Data) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*Data) ServeHTTP Uses

func (d *Data) ServeHTTP(uuid dvid.UUID, ctx *datastore.VersionedCtx, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (activity map[string]interface{})

ServeHTTP handles all incoming HTTP requests for this data.

type LabelGraph Uses

type LabelGraph struct {
    Transactions []transactionItem // transaction ids associated with vertices
    Vertices     []labelVertex
    Edges        []labelEdge

LabelGraph encodes data exchanged with a client

type Type Uses

type Type struct {

Type embeds the datastore's Type to create a unique type for labelgraph functions.

func NewType Uses

func NewType() *Type

NewDatatype returns a pointer to a new keyvalue Datatype with default values set.

func (*Type) Help Uses

func (dtype *Type) Help() string

Help returns help mesage for datatype

func (*Type) NewDataService Uses

func (dtype *Type) NewDataService(uuid dvid.UUID, id dvid.InstanceID, name dvid.InstanceName, c dvid.Config) (datastore.DataService, error)

NewDataService returns a pointer to new keyvalue data with default values.

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