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package multichan16

import "github.com/janelia-flyem/dvid/datatype/multichan16"

Package multichan16 tailors the voxels data type for 16-bit fluorescent images with multiple channels that can be read from V3D Raw format. Note that this data type has multiple channels but segregates its channel data in (c, z, y, x) fashion rather than interleave it within a block of data in (z, y, x, c) fashion. There is not much advantage at using interleaving; most forms of RGB compression fails to preserve the independence of the channels. Segregating the channel data lets us use straightforward compression on channel slices.

Specific channels of multichan16 data are addressed by adding a numerical suffix to the data name. For example, if we have "mydata" multichan16 data, we reference channel 1 as "mydata1" and channel 2 as "mydata2". Up to the first 3 channels are composited into a RGBA volume that is addressible using "mydata" or "mydata0".

NOTE: This data type has not been actively maintained and was writtern earlier to


Package Files

multichan16.go v3draw.go


const (
    Version  = "0.1"
    RepoURL  = "github.com/janelia-flyem/dvid/datatype/multichan16"
    TypeName = "multichan16"


var (
    DefaultBlockSize int32 = 32

DefaultBlockMax specifies the default size for each block of this data type.

func CompositeEncodeFormat Uses

func CompositeEncodeFormat() dvid.DataValues

type Channel Uses

type Channel struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Channel is an image volume that fulfills the imageblk.ExtData interface.

func (*Channel) Index Uses

func (c *Channel) Index(p dvid.ChunkPoint) dvid.Index

Index returns a channel-specific Index

func (*Channel) Interpolable Uses

func (c *Channel) Interpolable() bool

func (*Channel) NewChunkIndex Uses

func (c *Channel) NewChunkIndex() dvid.ChunkIndexer

func (*Channel) NewIndexIterator Uses

func (c *Channel) NewIndexIterator(chunkSize dvid.Point) (dvid.IndexIterator, error)

NewIndexIterator returns an iterator that can move across the voxel geometry, generating indices or index spans.

func (*Channel) String Uses

func (c *Channel) String() string

type Data Uses

type Data struct {

    // Number of channels for this data.  The names are referenced by
    // adding a number onto the data name, e.g., mydata1, mydata2, etc.
    NumChannels int

Data of multichan16 type embeds voxels and extends it with channels.

func (*Data) CopyPropertiesFrom Uses

func (d *Data) CopyPropertiesFrom(src datastore.DataService, fs storage.FilterSpec) error

CopyPropertiesFrom copies the data instance-specific properties from a given data instance into the receiver's properties. Fulfills the datastore.PropertyCopier interface.

func (*Data) DoRPC Uses

func (d *Data) DoRPC(request datastore.Request, reply *datastore.Response) error

Do acts as a switchboard for RPC commands.

func (*Data) Equals Uses

func (d *Data) Equals(d2 *Data) bool

func (*Data) GobDecode Uses

func (d *Data) GobDecode(b []byte) error

func (*Data) GobEncode Uses

func (d *Data) GobEncode() ([]byte, error)

func (*Data) LoadLocal Uses

func (d *Data) LoadLocal(request datastore.Request, reply *datastore.Response) error

LoadLocal adds image data to a version node. See helpMessage for example of command-line use of "load local".

func (*Data) MarshalJSON Uses

func (d *Data) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*Data) ServeHTTP Uses

func (d *Data) ServeHTTP(uuid dvid.UUID, ctx *datastore.VersionedCtx, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (activity map[string]interface{})

ServeHTTP handles all incoming HTTP requests for this data.

type Type Uses

type Type struct {

Type just uses voxels data type by composition.

func NewType Uses

func NewType(values dvid.DataValues, interpolable bool) Type

NewType returns a pointer to a new voxels Type with default values set.

func (*Type) Help Uses

func (dtype *Type) Help() string

func (*Type) NewDataService Uses

func (dtype *Type) NewDataService(uuid dvid.UUID, id dvid.InstanceID, name dvid.InstanceName, c dvid.Config) (datastore.DataService, error)

NewDataService returns a pointer to a new multichan16 with default values.

type V3DRawMarshaler Uses

type V3DRawMarshaler struct{}

func (V3DRawMarshaler) UnmarshalV3DRaw Uses

func (V3DRawMarshaler) UnmarshalV3DRaw(reader io.Reader) ([]*Channel, error)

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