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package filelog

import "github.com/janelia-flyem/dvid/storage/filelog"


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type Engine Uses

type Engine struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (Engine) AddTestConfig Uses

func (e Engine) AddTestConfig(backend *storage.Backend) (storage.Alias, error)

AddTestConfig sets the filelog as the default append-only log if it already hasn't been set.

func (Engine) Delete Uses

func (e Engine) Delete(config dvid.StoreConfig) error

Delete implements the TestableEngine interface by providing a way to dispose of the testable filelog.

func (Engine) GetDescription Uses

func (e Engine) GetDescription() string

func (Engine) GetName Uses

func (e Engine) GetName() string

func (Engine) GetSemVer Uses

func (e Engine) GetSemVer() semver.Version

func (Engine) IsDistributed Uses

func (e Engine) IsDistributed() bool

func (Engine) NewStore Uses

func (e Engine) NewStore(config dvid.StoreConfig) (dvid.Store, bool, error)

NewStore returns file-based log. The passed Config must contain "path" setting.

func (Engine) String Uses

func (e Engine) String() string

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