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package blobpacked

import ""


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blobpacked.go stream.go subfetch.go wholefetch.go

func WipeMeta Uses

func WipeMeta(s blobserver.Storage) error

type BlobAndPos Uses

type BlobAndPos struct {
    Offset int64 `json:"offset"`

A BlobAndPos is a blobref, its size, and where it is located within a larger group of bytes.

type Manifest Uses

type Manifest struct {
    // WholeRef is the blobref of the entire file that this zip is
    // either fully or partially describing.  For files under
    // around 16MB, the WholeRef and DataBlobsOrigin will be
    // the same.
    WholeRef blob.Ref `json:"wholeRef"`

    // WholeSize is the number of bytes in the original file being
    // cut up.
    WholeSize int64 `json:"wholeSize"`

    // WholePartIndex is the chunk number (0-based) of this zip file.
    // If a client has 'n' zip files with the same WholeRef whose
    // WholePartIndexes are contiguous (including 0) and the sum of
    // the DataBlobs equals WholeSize, the client has the entire
    // original file.
    WholePartIndex int `json:"wholePartIndex"`

    // DataBlobsOrigin is the blobref of the contents of the first
    // file in the zip pack file. It is the origin of all the logical data
    // blobs referenced in DataBlobs.
    DataBlobsOrigin blob.Ref `json:"dataBlobsOrigin"`

    // DataBlobs describes all the logical blobs that are
    // concatenated together in the first file in the zip file.
    // The offsets are relative to the beginning of that first
    // file, not the beginning of the zip file itself.
    DataBlobs []BlobAndPos `json:"dataBlobs"`

Manifest is the JSON description type representing the "camlistore/camlistore-pack-manifest.json" file found in a blobpack zip file.

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