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package handlers

import ""

Package handlers implements the HTTP interface to the Camlistore blob server.


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func CreateBatchUploadHandler Uses

func CreateBatchUploadHandler(storage blobserver.BlobReceiveConfiger) http.Handler

CreateBatchUploadHandler returns the handler that receives multi-part form uploads to upload many blobs at once. See doc/protocol/blob-upload-protocol.txt.

func CreateEnumerateHandler Uses

func CreateEnumerateHandler(storage blobserver.BlobEnumerator) http.Handler

func CreateGetHandler Uses

func CreateGetHandler(fetcher blob.Fetcher) http.Handler

CreateGetHandler returns an http Handler for serving blobs from fetcher.

func CreatePutUploadHandler Uses

func CreatePutUploadHandler(storage blobserver.BlobReceiver) http.Handler

CreatePutUploadHandler returns the handler that receives a single blob at the blob's final URL, via the PUT method. See doc/protocol/blob-upload-protocol.txt.

func CreateRemoveHandler Uses

func CreateRemoveHandler(storage blobserver.Storage) http.Handler

func CreateStatHandler Uses

func CreateStatHandler(storage blobserver.BlobStatter) http.Handler

type RemoveResponse Uses

type RemoveResponse struct {
    Removed []blob.Ref `json:"removed"` // Refs of the removed blobs.

RemoveResponse is the JSON response to a remove request.

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