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package stats

import ""

Package stats contains an in-memory StatReceiver that only stores sizes of received blobs but not their contents.


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type Receiver Uses

type Receiver struct {
    sync.Mutex // guards Have
    Have       map[blob.Ref]int64

Receiver is a dummy blobserver.StatReceiver that doesn't store anything; it just collects statistics.

TODO: we have another copy of this same type in camput/files.go. move them to a common place? well, the camput one is probably going away at some point.

func (*Receiver) NumBlobs Uses

func (sr *Receiver) NumBlobs() int

func (*Receiver) ReceiveBlob Uses

func (sr *Receiver) ReceiveBlob(br blob.Ref, source io.Reader) (sb blob.SizedRef, err error)

func (*Receiver) Sizes Uses

func (sr *Receiver) Sizes() []int

Sizes returns the sorted blob sizes.

func (*Receiver) StatBlobs Uses

func (sr *Receiver) StatBlobs(dest chan<- blob.SizedRef, blobs []blob.Ref) error

func (*Receiver) SumBlobSize Uses

func (sr *Receiver) SumBlobSize() int64

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