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package chunk

import ""

Package chunk implements functions for finding useful chunks in text previously tagged from parts of speech.


txt := "Go is a open source programming language created at Google."

words := tokenize.TextToWords(txt)
tagger := tag.NewPerceptronTagger()

fmt.Println(Chunk(tagger.Tag(words), TreebankNamedEntities))


[Go Google]



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var TreebankNamedEntities = regexp.MustCompile(
    `((CD__)*(NNP.)+(CD__|NNP.)*)+` +

TreebankNamedEntities matches proper names, excluding prior adjectives, possibly including numbers and a linkage by preposition or subordinating conjunctions (for example "Bank of England").

func Chunk Uses

func Chunk(tagged []tag.Token, rx *regexp.Regexp) []string

Chunk returns a slice containing the chunks of interest according to the regexp.

This is a convenience wrapper around Locate, which should be used if you need access the to the in-text locations of each chunk.

func Locate Uses

func Locate(tagged []tag.Token, rx *regexp.Regexp) [][]int

Locate finds the chunks of interest according to the regexp.

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