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package gojenkins

import "github.com/jenkins-x/golang-jenkins"


Package Files

computer.go interface.go jenkins.go job.go listview.go log.go poll.go queue.go retry.go

func FullJobPath Uses

func FullJobPath(path ...string) string

FullJobPath returns the full job path URL for the given paths

func FullPath Uses

func FullPath(job string) string

FullJobPath returns the full job path URL for the given paths

func JobToXml Uses

func JobToXml(jobItem JobItem) ([]byte, error)

JobToXml converts the given JobItem into XML

func Poll Uses

func Poll(pollPeriod time.Duration, timeout time.Duration, timeoutFailureMessage string, fn ConditionFunc) error

Poll polls the given function until it returns true to indicate its complete or an error

func RetryAfter Uses

func RetryAfter(attempts int, callback func() error, d time.Duration) (err error)

type APIError Uses

type APIError struct {
    Status     string
    StatusCode int

func (APIError) Error Uses

func (err APIError) Error() string

type Action Uses

type Action struct {
    Causes               []Cause               `json:"causes"`
    Parameter            []Parameter           `json:"parameters"`
    ParameterDefinitions []ParameterDefinition `json:"parameterDefinitions"`

type Artifact Uses

type Artifact struct {
    DisplayPath  string `json:"displayPath"`
    FileName     string `json:"fileName"`
    RelativePath string `json:"relativePath"`

type Auth Uses

type Auth struct {
    Username    string
    ApiToken    string
    BearerToken string

type Branches Uses

type Branches struct {
    BranchesSpec []BranchesSpec `xml:"hudson.plugins.git.BranchSpec"`

type BranchesSpec Uses

type BranchesSpec struct {
    Name string `xml:"name"`

type Build Uses

type Build struct {
    Id     string `json:"id"`
    Number int    `json:"number"`
    Url    string `json:"url"`

    FullDisplayName string `json:"fullDisplayName"`
    Description     string `json:"description"`

    Timestamp         int `json:"timestamp"`
    Duration          int `json:"duration"`
    EstimatedDuration int `json:"estimatedDuration"`

    Building bool   `json:"building"`
    KeepLog  bool   `json:"keepLog"`
    Result   string `json:"result"`

    Artifacts []Artifact `json:"artifacts"`
    Actions   []Action   `json:"actions"`

    ChangeSet ScmChangeSet `json:"changeSet"`

type BuildButtonColumn Uses

type BuildButtonColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.BuildButtonColumn"`

type Cause Uses

type Cause struct {
    ShortDescription string `json:"shortDescription"`
    UserId           string `json:"userId"`
    UserName         string `json:"userName"`

type ChangeSetItem Uses

type ChangeSetItem struct {
    AffectedPaths []string           `json:"affectedPaths"`
    CommitId      string             `json:"commitId"`
    Timestamp     int                `json:"timestamp"`
    Author        ScmAuthor          `json:"author"`
    Comment       string             `json:"comment"`
    Date          string             `json:"date"`
    Id            string             `json:"id"`
    Message       string             `json:"msg"`
    Paths         []ScmChangeSetPath `json:"paths"`

type Column Uses

type Column interface {

type Columns Uses

type Columns struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"columns"`
    Column  []Column

type Computer Uses

type Computer struct {
    Actions             []struct{} `json:"actions"`
    DisplayName         string     `json:"displayName"`
    Executors           []struct{} `json:"executors"`
    Idle                bool       `json:"idle"`
    JnlpAgent           bool       `json:"jnlpAgent"`
    LaunchSupported     bool       `json:"launchSupported"`
    ManualLaunchAllowed bool       `json:"manualLaunchAllowed"`
    MonitorData         struct {
        SwapSpaceMonitor struct {
            AvailablePhysicalMemory int64 `json:"availablePhysicalMemory"`
            AvailableSwapSpace      int64 `json:"availableSwapSpace"`
            TotalPhysicalMemory     int64 `json:"totalPhysicalMemory"`
            TotalSwapSpace          int64 `json:"totalSwapSpace"`
        }   `json:"hudson.node_monitors.SwapSpaceMonitor"`
        TemporarySpaceMonitor struct {
            Timestamp int64  `json:"timestamp"`
            Path      string `json:"path"`
            Size      int64  `json:"size"`
        }   `json:"hudson.node_monitors.TemporarySpaceMonitor"`
        DiskSpaceMonitor struct {
            Timestamp int64  `json:"timestamp"`
            Path      string `json:"path"`
            Size      int64  `json:"size"`
        }   `json:"hudson.node_monitors.DiskSpaceMonitor"`
        ArchitectureMonitor string `json:"hudson.node_monitors.ArchitectureMonitor"`
        ResponseTimeMonitor struct {
            Timestamp int64 `json:"timestamp"`
            Average   int64 `json:"average"`
        }   `json:"hudson.node_monitors.ResponseTimeMonitor"`
        ClockMonitor struct {
            Diff int64 `json:"diff"`
        }   `json:"hudson.node_monitors.ClockMonitor"`
    }   `json:"monitorData"`
    NumExecutors       int    `json:"numExecutors"`
    Offline            bool   `json:"offline"`
    OfflineCauseReason string `json:"offlineCauseReason"`
    TemporarilyOffline bool   `json:"temporarilyOffline"`

type ComputerObject Uses

type ComputerObject struct {
    BusyExecutors  int        `json:"busyExecutors"`
    Computers      []Computer `json:"computer"`
    DisplayName    string     `json:"displayName"`
    TotalExecutors int        `json:"totalExecutors"`

type ConditionFunc Uses

type ConditionFunc func() (done bool, err error)

ConditionFunc returns true if the condition is satisfied, or an error if the loop should be aborted.

func NewConditionFunc Uses

func NewConditionFunc(functions ...ConditionFunc) ConditionFunc

NewConditionFunc combines the functions into a single function that can be used when polling

type Credential Uses

type Credential struct {
    Credentials Credentials `json:"credentials"`

type Credentials Uses

type Credentials struct {
    Scope    string `json:"scope"`
    Id       string `json:"id"`
    Username string `json:"username"`
    Password string `json:"password"`
    Class    string `json:"$class"`

type GitBrowser Uses

type GitBrowser struct {
    Class       string `xml:"class,attr"`
    Url         string `xml:"url"`
    ProjectName string `xml:"projectName"`

type GitExtensions Uses

type GitExtensions struct {
    Class       string      `xml:"class,attr"`
    LocalBranch LocalBranch `xml:"hudson.plugins.git.extensions.impl.LocalBranch"`

type GitSubmoduleCfg Uses

type GitSubmoduleCfg struct {
    Class string `xml:"class,attr"`

type Health Uses

type Health struct {
    Description string `json:"description"`

type Item Uses

type Item struct {
    Actions                    []Action `json:"actions"`
    Blocked                    bool     `json:"blocked"`
    Buildable                  bool     `json:"buildable"`
    Id                         int64    `json:"id"`
    InQueueSince               int64    `json:"inQueueSince"`
    Params                     string   `json:"params"`
    Stuck                      bool     `json:"stuck"`
    Task                       Task     `json:"task"`
    URL                        string   `json:"url"`
    Why                        string   `json:"why"`
    BuildableStartMilliseconds int64    `json:"buildableStartMilliseconds"`
    Pending                    bool     `json:"pending"`

type Jenkins Uses

type Jenkins struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewJenkins Uses

func NewJenkins(auth *Auth, baseUrl string) *Jenkins

func (*Jenkins) AddJobToView Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) AddJobToView(viewName string, job Job) error

Add job to view

func (*Jenkins) BaseURL Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) BaseURL() string

BaseURL returns the base Jenkins URL

func (*Jenkins) Build Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) Build(job Job, params url.Values) error

Create a new build for this job. Params can be nil.

func (*Jenkins) CreateCredential Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) CreateCredential(id, username, pass string) error

Create a new credentials

func (*Jenkins) CreateFolderJobWithXML Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) CreateFolderJobWithXML(jobItemXml string, folder string, jobName string) error

Create a new job in a folder

func (*Jenkins) CreateJob Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) CreateJob(jobItem JobItem, jobName string) error

Create a new job

func (*Jenkins) CreateJobWithXML Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) CreateJobWithXML(jobItemXml string, jobName string) error

Create a new job

func (*Jenkins) CreateView Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) CreateView(listView ListView) error

Create a new view

func (*Jenkins) DeleteJob Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) DeleteJob(job Job) error

Delete a job

func (*Jenkins) GetArtifact Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetArtifact(build Build, artifact Artifact) ([]byte, error)

GetArtifact return the content of a build artifact

func (*Jenkins) GetBuild Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetBuild(job Job, number int) (build Build, err error)

GetBuild returns a number-th build result of specified job.

func (*Jenkins) GetBuildConsoleOutput Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetBuildConsoleOutput(build Build) ([]byte, error)

Get the console output from a build.

func (*Jenkins) GetBuildURL Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetBuildURL(job Job, buildNumber int) string

func (*Jenkins) GetComputer Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetComputer(name string) (computer Computer, err error)

GetComputer returns a Computer object with a specified name.

func (*Jenkins) GetComputerObject Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetComputerObject() (co ComputerObject, err error)

GetComputerObject returns the main ComputerObject

func (*Jenkins) GetComputers Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetComputers() ([]Computer, error)

GetComputers returns the list of all Computer objects

func (*Jenkins) GetCredential Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetCredential(id string) (c *Credentials, err error)

Get a credentials

func (*Jenkins) GetJob Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetJob(name string) (job Job, err error)

GetJob returns a job which has specified name.

func (*Jenkins) GetJobByPath Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetJobByPath(path ...string) (job Job, err error)

GetJobByPath looks up the jenkins job via the one or more paths

func (*Jenkins) GetJobConfig Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetJobConfig(name string) (job JobItem, err error)

GetJobConfig returns a maven job, has the one used to create Maven job

func (*Jenkins) GetJobURLPath Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetJobURLPath(name string) string

GetJobUrl returns the URL path for the job with the specified name.

func (*Jenkins) GetJobs Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetJobs() ([]Job, error)

GetJobs returns all jobs you can read.

func (*Jenkins) GetLastBuild Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetLastBuild(job Job) (build Build, err error)

GetLastBuild returns the last build of specified job.

func (*Jenkins) GetLogFromURL Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetLogFromURL(buildUrl string, start int64, logData *LogData) error

GetLog returns the log from the given start port (default to zero for all of it)

func (*Jenkins) GetMultiBranchJob Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetMultiBranchJob(organisationJobName, multibranchJobName, branch string) (job Job, err error)

func (*Jenkins) GetOrganizationScanResult Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetOrganizationScanResult(retries int, job Job) (status string, err error)

GetLastBuild returns the last build of specified job.

func (*Jenkins) GetQueue Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) GetQueue() (queue Queue, err error)

GetQueue returns the current build queue from Jenkins

func (*Jenkins) IsErrNotFound Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) IsErrNotFound(err error) bool

func (*Jenkins) NewLogPoller Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) NewLogPoller(buildUrl string, writer io.Writer) *LogPoller

NewLogPoller returns a LogPoller for polling the log on the given URL to the given writer

func (*Jenkins) Post Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) Post(path string, params url.Values, body interface{}) (err error)

func (*Jenkins) QuietDown Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) QuietDown() error


func (*Jenkins) Reload Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) Reload() error

Reload will reload the configuration from disk

func (*Jenkins) RemoveJob Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) RemoveJob(jobName string) error

Remove a job

func (*Jenkins) Restart Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) Restart() error


func (*Jenkins) SafeRestart Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) SafeRestart() error

SafeRestart waits for the jenkins server to be quiet then restarts it

func (*Jenkins) SetBuildDescription Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) SetBuildDescription(build Build, description string) error

SetBuildDescription sets the description of a build

func (*Jenkins) SetHTTPClient Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) SetHTTPClient(client *http.Client)

SetHTTPClient with timeouts or insecure transport, etc.

func (*Jenkins) StopBuild Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) StopBuild(job Job, number int) error

Stops the given build.

func (*Jenkins) TailLog Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) TailLog(buildUrl string, writer io.Writer, pollTime time.Duration, timeoutPeriod time.Duration) error

TailLog tails the jenkins log to the given writer polling until there is no more output if timeoutPeriod is specified as a positive value then the tail will terminate if the timeout is reached before the log is completely fetched

func (*Jenkins) TailLogFunc Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) TailLogFunc(buildUrl string, writer io.Writer) ConditionFunc

TailLogFunc returns a ConditionFunc for polling the log on the given URL to the given writer

func (*Jenkins) UpdateJob Uses

func (jenkins *Jenkins) UpdateJob(jobItem JobItem, jobName string) error

Update a job

type JenkinsClient Uses

type JenkinsClient interface {
    GetJobs() ([]Job, error)
    GetJob(string) (Job, error)
    GetJobURLPath(string) string
    IsErrNotFound(error) bool
    BaseURL() string
    Post(string, url.Values, interface{}) (err error)
    GetJobConfig(string) (JobItem, error)
    GetBuild(Job, int) (Build, error)
    GetLastBuild(Job) (Build, error)
    StopBuild(Job, int) error
    GetMultiBranchJob(string, string, string) (Job, error)
    GetJobByPath(...string) (Job, error)
    GetOrganizationScanResult(int, Job) (string, error)
    CreateJob(JobItem, string) error
    Reload() error
    Restart() error
    SafeRestart() error
    QuietDown() error
    CreateJobWithXML(string, string) error
    CreateFolderJobWithXML(string, string, string) error
    GetCredential(string) (*Credentials, error)
    CreateCredential(string, string, string) error
    DeleteJob(Job) error
    UpdateJob(JobItem, string) error
    RemoveJob(string) error
    AddJobToView(string, Job) error
    CreateView(ListView) error
    Build(Job, url.Values) error
    GetBuildConsoleOutput(Build) ([]byte, error)
    GetQueue() (Queue, error)
    GetArtifact(Build, Artifact) ([]byte, error)
    SetBuildDescription(Build, string) error
    GetComputerObject() (ComputerObject, error)
    GetComputers() ([]Computer, error)
    GetComputer(string) (Computer, error)
    GetBuildURL(Job, int) string
    GetLogFromURL(string, int64, *LogData) error
    TailLog(string, io.Writer, time.Duration, time.Duration) error
    TailLogFunc(string, io.Writer) ConditionFunc
    NewLogPoller(string, io.Writer) *LogPoller

JenkinsClient is the interface for interacting with jenkins go:generate pegomock generate github.com/jenkins-x/golang-jenkins JenkinsClient -o mocks/jenkins_client.go --package gojenkins_test

type Job Uses

type Job struct {
    Actions  []Action `json:"actions"`
    Class    string   `json:"_class"`
    Name     string   `json:"name"`
    FullName string   `json:"fullName"`
    Url      string   `json:"url"`
    Color    string   `json:"color"`

    Buildable    bool     `json:"buildable"`
    DisplayName  string   `json:"displayName"`
    Description  string   `json:"description"`
    HealthReport []Health `json:"healthReport"`

    Jobs []Job `json:"jobs"` // for folders

    LastBuild             Build `json:"lastBuild"`
    LastCompletedBuild    Build `json:"lastCompletedBuild"`
    LastFailedBuild       Build `json:"lastFailedBuild"`
    LastStableBuild       Build `json:"lastStableBuild"`
    LastSuccessfulBuild   Build `json:"lastSuccessfulBuild"`
    LastUnstableBuild     Build `json:"lastUnstableBuild"`
    LastUnsuccessfulBuild Build `json:"lastUnsuccessfulBuild"`

type JobColumn Uses

type JobColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.JobColumn"`

type JobItem Uses

type JobItem struct {
    XMLName         struct{}         `xml:"item"`
    MavenJobItem    *MavenJobItem    `xml:"maven2-moduleset"`
    PipelineJobItem *PipelineJobItem `xml:"flow-definition"`

type JobProperties Uses

type JobProperties struct {

type JobSetting Uses

type JobSetting struct {

type JobSettings Uses

type JobSettings struct {
    Class      string `xml:"class,attr"`
    JobSetting []JobSetting

type LastDurationColumn Uses

type LastDurationColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.LastDurationColumn"`

type LastFailureColumn Uses

type LastFailureColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.LastFailureColumn"`

type LastSuccessColumn Uses

type LastSuccessColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.LastSuccessColumn"`

type ListView Uses

type ListView struct {
    XMLName         xml.Name `xml:"hudson.model.ListView"`
    Name            string   `xml:"name"`
    FilterExecutors bool     `xml:"filterExecutors"`
    FilterQueue     bool     `xml:"filterQueue"`
    Columns         Columns  `xml:"columns"`

func NewListView Uses

func NewListView(name string) ListView

type LocalBranch Uses

type LocalBranch struct {
    LocalBranch string `xml:"localBranch"`

type Locations Uses

type Locations struct {
    Location []ScmSvnLocation `xml:"hudson.scm.SubversionSCM_-ModuleLocation"`

type LogData Uses

type LogData struct {
    Data     []byte
    TextSize int64
    MoreData bool

type LogPoller Uses

type LogPoller struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LogPoller) Apply Uses

func (p *LogPoller) Apply() (bool, error)

type MavenJobItem Uses

type MavenJobItem struct {
    XMLName                          struct{}             `xml:"maven2-moduleset"`
    Plugin                           string               `xml:"plugin,attr"`
    Actions                          string               `xml:"actions"`
    Description                      string               `xml:"description"`
    KeepDependencies                 string               `xml:"keepDependencies"`
    Properties                       JobProperties        `xml:"properties"`
    Scm                              Scm                  `xml:"scm"`
    CanRoam                          string               `xml:"canRoam"`
    Disabled                         string               `xml:"disabled"`
    BlockBuildWhenDownstreamBuilding string               `xml:"blockBuildWhenDownstreamBuilding"`
    BlockBuildWhenUpstreamBuilding   string               `xml:"blockBuildWhenUpstreamBuilding"`
    Triggers                         Triggers             `xml:"triggers"`
    ConcurrentBuild                  string               `xml:"concurrentBuild"`
    Goals                            string               `xml:"goals"`
    AggregatorStyleBuild             string               `xml:"aggregatorStyleBuild"`
    IncrementalBuild                 string               `xml:"incrementalBuild"`
    IgnoreUpstremChanges             string               `xml:"ignoreUpstremChanges"`
    ArchivingDisabled                string               `xml:"archivingDisabled"`
    SiteArchivingDisabled            string               `xml:"siteArchivingDisabled"`
    FingerprintingDisabled           string               `xml:"fingerprintingDisabled"`
    ResolveDependencies              string               `xml:"resolveDependencies"`
    ProcessPlugins                   string               `xml:"processPlugins"`
    MavenName                        string               `xml:"mavenName"`
    MavenValidationLevel             string               `xml:"mavenValidationLevel"`
    DefaultGoals                     string               `xml:"defaultGoals"`
    RunHeadless                      string               `xml:"runHeadless"`
    DisableTriggerDownstreamProjects string               `xml:"disableTriggerDownstreamProjects"`
    Settings                         JobSettings          `xml:"settings"`
    GlobalSettings                   JobSettings          `xml:"globalSettings"`
    RunPostStepsIfResult             RunPostStepsIfResult `xml:"runPostStepsIfResult"`
    Postbuilders                     PostBuilders         `xml:"postbuilders"`

type MultiBranchProject Uses

type MultiBranchProject struct {
    Class string `json:"_class"`
    Name  string `json:"name"`
    Url   string `json:"url"`

type MultiError Uses

type MultiError struct {
    Errors []error

func (*MultiError) Collect Uses

func (m *MultiError) Collect(err error)

func (MultiError) ToError Uses

func (m MultiError) ToError() error

type Parameter Uses

type Parameter struct {
    Name  string      `json:"name"`
    Value interface{} `json:"value"`

Parameter for a build

type ParameterDefinition Uses

type ParameterDefinition struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`

type PipelineDefinition Uses

type PipelineDefinition struct {
    Scm        Scm    `xml:"scm"`
    ScriptPath string `xml:"scriptPath"`
    Script     string `xml:"script"`

type PipelineJobItem Uses

type PipelineJobItem struct {
    XMLName struct{} `xml:"flow-definition"`
    	Plugin                           string               `xml:"plugin,attr"`
    Actions          string             `xml:"actions"`
    Description      string             `xml:"description"`
    KeepDependencies string             `xml:"keepDependencies"`
    Properties       JobProperties      `xml:"properties"`
    Definition       PipelineDefinition `xml:"definition"`
    Triggers         Triggers           `xml:"triggers"`

type PostBuilder Uses

type PostBuilder interface {

type PostBuilders Uses

type PostBuilders struct {
    XMLName     xml.Name `xml:"postbuilders"`
    PostBuilder []PostBuilder

type Queue Uses

type Queue struct {
    Items []Item `json:"items"`

type RunPostStepsIfResult Uses

type RunPostStepsIfResult struct {
    Name          string `xml:"name"`
    Ordinal       string `xml:"ordinal"`
    Color         string `xml:"color"`
    CompleteBuild string `xml:"completeBuild"`

type Scm Uses

type Scm struct {
    Class  string `xml:"class,attr"`
    Plugin string `xml:"plugin,attr"`

func (*Scm) MarshalXML Uses

func (iscm *Scm) MarshalXML(e *xml.Encoder, start xml.StartElement) error

MarshalXML implements xml.MarshalXML interface Encodes the multiple types of Scm

func (*Scm) UnmarshalXML Uses

func (iscm *Scm) UnmarshalXML(d *xml.Decoder, start xml.StartElement) error

UnmarshalXML implements xml.UnmarshalXML interface Decode between multiple types of Scm

type ScmAuthor Uses

type ScmAuthor struct {
    FullName    string `json:"fullName"`
    AbsoluteUrl string `json:"absoluteUrl"`

type ScmChangeSet Uses

type ScmChangeSet struct {
    Kind  string          `json:"kind"`
    Items []ChangeSetItem `json:"items"`

type ScmChangeSetPath Uses

type ScmChangeSetPath struct {
    EditType string `json:"editType"`
    File     string `json:"File"`

type ScmContent Uses

type ScmContent interface{}

type ScmGit Uses

type ScmGit struct {
    UserRemoteConfigs                 UserRemoteConfigs `xml:"userRemoteConfigs"`
    Branches                          Branches          `xml:"branches"`
    DoGenerateSubmoduleConfigurations bool              `xml:"doGenerateSubmoduleConfigurations"`
    GitBrowser                        GitBrowser        `xml:"browser"`
    GitSubmoduleCfg                   GitSubmoduleCfg   `xml:"submoduleCfg"`
    GitExtensions                     GitExtensions     `xml:"extensions"`

type ScmSvn Uses

type ScmSvn struct {
    Locations              Locations        `xml:"locations"`
    ExcludedRegions        string           `xml:"excludedRegions"`
    IncludedRegions        string           `xml:"includedRegions"`
    ExcludedUsers          string           `xml:"excludedUsers"`
    ExcludedRevprop        string           `xml:"excludedRevprop"`
    ExcludedCommitMessages string           `xml:"excludedCommitMessages"`
    WorkspaceUpdater       WorkspaceUpdater `xml:"workspaceUpdater"`
    IgnoreDirPropChanges   string           `xml:"ignoreDirPropChanges"`
    FilterChangelog        string           `xml:"filterChangelog"`

type ScmSvnLocation Uses

type ScmSvnLocation struct {
    Remote                string `xml:"remote"`
    Local                 string `xml:"local"`
    DepthOption           string `xml:"depthOption"`
    IgnoreExternalsOption string `xml:"ignoreExternalsOption"`

type ScmTrigger Uses

type ScmTrigger struct {
    XMLName               struct{} `xml:"hudson.triggers.SCMTrigger"`
    Spec                  string   `xml:"spec"`
    IgnorePostCommitHooks string   `xml:"ignorePostCommitHooks"`

type ShellBuilder Uses

type ShellBuilder struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.tasks.Shell"`
    Command string   `xml:"command"`

type StatusColumn Uses

type StatusColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.StatusColumn"`

type Task Uses

type Task struct {
    Name  string `json:"name"`
    Url   string `json:"url"`
    Color string `json:"color"`

type Trigger Uses

type Trigger interface {

type Triggers Uses

type Triggers struct {
    Trigger []Trigger

type UpstreamCause Uses

type UpstreamCause struct {
    ShortDescription string `json:"shortDescription"`
    UpstreamBuild    int    `json:"upstreamBuild"`
    UpstreamProject  string `json:"upstreamProject"`
    UpstreamUrl      string `json:"upstreamUrl"`

type UserRemoteConfig Uses

type UserRemoteConfig struct {
    Urls []string `xml:"url"`

type UserRemoteConfigs Uses

type UserRemoteConfigs struct {
    UserRemoteConfig UserRemoteConfig `xml:"hudson.plugins.git.UserRemoteConfig"`

type WeatherColumn Uses

type WeatherColumn struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"hudson.views.WeatherColumn"`

type WorkspaceUpdater Uses

type WorkspaceUpdater struct {
    Class string `xml:"class,attr"`



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