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package addon

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/addon"


Package Files

config.go constants.go helpers.go


const (
    Anchore = "anchore"

func IsAddonEnabled Uses

func IsAddonEnabled(name string) bool

IsAddonEnabled returns true if the given addon is enabled

func ProviderAccessTokenURL Uses

func ProviderAccessTokenURL(kind string, url string) string

type AddonConfig Uses

type AddonConfig struct {
    Name    string
    Enabled bool

AddonConfig Addon Configuration

type AddonsConfig Uses

type AddonsConfig struct {
    Addons []*AddonConfig

AddonsConfig Addons Configuration

func LoadAddonsConfig Uses

func LoadAddonsConfig() (*AddonsConfig, error)

LoadAddonsConfig loads the addons configuration from the `~/.jx/addon.yml` file if it exists

func (*AddonsConfig) GetOrCreate Uses

func (c *AddonsConfig) GetOrCreate(name string) *AddonConfig

GetOrCreate returns the addon configuration for the given name or creates a new config object

func (*AddonsConfig) Save Uses

func (c *AddonsConfig) Save() error

Save saves the addons configuration to the `~/.jx/addon.yml` file

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