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package versioned

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/client/clientset/versioned"

This package has the automatically generated clientset.


Package Files

clientset.go doc.go

type Clientset Uses

type Clientset struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Clientset contains the clients for groups. Each group has exactly one version included in a Clientset.

func New Uses

func New(c rest.Interface) *Clientset

New creates a new Clientset for the given RESTClient.

func NewForConfig Uses

func NewForConfig(c *rest.Config) (*Clientset, error)

NewForConfig creates a new Clientset for the given config.

func NewForConfigOrDie Uses

func NewForConfigOrDie(c *rest.Config) *Clientset

NewForConfigOrDie creates a new Clientset for the given config and panics if there is an error in the config.

func (*Clientset) Discovery Uses

func (c *Clientset) Discovery() discovery.DiscoveryInterface

Discovery retrieves the DiscoveryClient

func (*Clientset) Jenkins Uses

func (c *Clientset) Jenkins() jenkinsv1.JenkinsV1Interface

Deprecated: Jenkins retrieves the default version of JenkinsClient. Please explicitly pick a version.

func (*Clientset) JenkinsV1 Uses

func (c *Clientset) JenkinsV1() jenkinsv1.JenkinsV1Interface

JenkinsV1 retrieves the JenkinsV1Client

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    Discovery() discovery.DiscoveryInterface
    JenkinsV1() jenkinsv1.JenkinsV1Interface
    // Deprecated: please explicitly pick a version if possible.
    Jenkins() jenkinsv1.JenkinsV1Interface


fakeThis package has the automatically generated fake clientset.
schemeThis package contains the scheme of the automatically generated clientset.
typed/jenkins.io/v1This package has the automatically generated typed clients.
typed/jenkins.io/v1/fakePackage fake has the automatically generated clients.

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