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package aks

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cloud/aks"


Package Files

aks.go helper.go

func GetResourceGroupLocation Uses

func GetResourceGroupLocation() []string

func GetSizes Uses

func GetSizes() []string

type AzureRunner Uses

type AzureRunner struct {
    Runner util.Commander

AzureRunner an Azure CLI runner to interact with Azure

func NewAzureRunner Uses

func NewAzureRunner() *AzureRunner

NewAzureRunner return a new AzureRunner

func NewAzureRunnerWithCommander Uses

func NewAzureRunnerWithCommander(runner util.Commander) *AzureRunner

NewAzureRunnerWithCommander specific the command runner for Azure CLI.

func (*AzureRunner) AssignRole Uses

func (az *AzureRunner) AssignRole(client string, registry string)

AssignRole Assign the client a reader role for registry.

func (*AzureRunner) GetClusterClient Uses

func (az *AzureRunner) GetClusterClient(server string) (string, string, string, error)

GetClusterClient return AKS resource group, name and client ID.

func (*AzureRunner) GetRegistry Uses

func (az *AzureRunner) GetRegistry(azureRegistrySubscription string, resourceGroup string, name string, registry string) (string, string, string, error)

GetRegistry Return the docker registry config, registry login server and resource id, error

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