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package vault

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cloud/amazon/vault"


Package Files

naming.go vault_backend.go vault_resources.go

func AwsServiceAccountSecretName Uses

func AwsServiceAccountSecretName(vaultName string) string

AwsServiceAccountSecretName builds the secret name where the AWS service account is stored

func CreateVaultResources Uses

func CreateVaultResources(vaultParams ResourceCreationOpts) (*string, *string, *string, *string, *string, error)

CreateVaultResources will automatically create the preresiquites for vault on aws

func StoreAWSCredentialsIntoSecret Uses

func StoreAWSCredentialsIntoSecret(client kubernetes.Interface, awsAccessKeyID, awsSecretAccessKey, vaultName, namespace string) (string, error)

StoreAWSCredentialsIntoSecret stores AWS credentials into a secret

type ResourceCreationOpts Uses

type ResourceCreationOpts struct {
    Region    string
    Domain    string
    Username  string
    TableName string

ResourceCreationOpts The input parameters to create a vault by default on aws

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