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package storage

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cloud/gke/storage"


Package Files

bucket_provider.go long_term_storage.go

func EnableLongTermStorage Uses

func EnableLongTermStorage(gcloud gke.GClouder, installValues map[string]string, providedBucketName string) (string, error)

EnableLongTermStorage will take the cluster install values and a provided bucket name and use it / create a new one for gs

func NewGKEBucketProvider Uses

func NewGKEBucketProvider(requirements *config.RequirementsConfig) buckets.Provider

NewGKEBucketProvider create a new provider for GKE

type GKEBucketProvider Uses

type GKEBucketProvider struct {
    Requirements *config.RequirementsConfig
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GKEBucketProvider the bucket provider for GKE

func (*GKEBucketProvider) CreateNewBucketForCluster Uses

func (b *GKEBucketProvider) CreateNewBucketForCluster(clusterName string, bucketKind string) (string, error)

CreateNewBucketForCluster creates a new dynamic bucket

func (*GKEBucketProvider) EnsureBucketIsCreated Uses

func (b *GKEBucketProvider) EnsureBucketIsCreated(bucketURL string) error

EnsureBucketIsCreated ensures the bucket URL is createtd

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