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package vault

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cloud/gke/vault"


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const (

    //DefaultVaultAbbreviation is vault service accounts suffix
    DefaultVaultAbbreviation = "vt"


var (
    ServiceAccountRoles = []string{"roles/storage.objectAdmin",

func CreateBucket Uses

func CreateBucket(gcloud gke.GClouder, vaultName, bucketName string, projectID, zone string, recreate bool, batchMode bool, handles util.IOFileHandles) (string, error)

CreateBucket Creates a bucket in GKE to store the backend (encrypted) data for vault

func CreateVaultGCPServiceAccount Uses

func CreateVaultGCPServiceAccount(gcloud gke.GClouder, kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, vaultName, namespace, clusterName, projectID string) (string, error)

CreateGCPServiceAccount creates a service account in GCP for the vault service

type KmsConfig Uses

type KmsConfig struct {
    Keyring  string
    Key      string
    Location string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

KmsConfig keeps the configuration for Google KMS service

func CreateKmsConfig Uses

func CreateKmsConfig(gcloud gke.GClouder, vaultName, keyringName string, keyName string, projectID string) (*KmsConfig, error)

CreateKmsConfig creates a KMS config for the GKE Vault

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