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package clients

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/clients"


Package Files

factory.go interface.go

type Factory Uses

type Factory interface {

    // WithBearerToken creates a factory from a k8s bearer token
    WithBearerToken(token string) Factory

    // ImpersonateUser creates a factory with an impersonated users
    ImpersonateUser(user string) Factory

    // CreateAuthConfigService creates a new authentication configuration service
    CreateAuthConfigService(fileName string, namespace string, serverKind string, serviceKind string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateGitAuthConfigService creates a new git authentication configuration service
    CreateGitAuthConfigService(namespace string, serviceKind string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateLocalGitAuthConfigService creates a new service which loads/saves Git auth config from/to a local file.
    CreateLocalGitAuthConfigService() (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateJenkinsAuthConfigService creates a new Jenkins authentication configuration service
    CreateJenkinsAuthConfigService(namespace string, jenkinsService string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateChartmuseumAuthConfigService creates a new Chartmuseum authentication configuration service
    CreateChartmuseumAuthConfigService(namespace string, serviceKind string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateIssueTrackerAuthConfigService creates a new issuer tracker configuration service
    CreateIssueTrackerAuthConfigService(namespace string, serviceKind string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateChatAuthConfigService creates a new chat configuration service
    CreateChatAuthConfigService(namespace string, serviceKind string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateAddonAuthConfigService creates a new addon auth configuration service
    CreateAddonAuthConfigService(namespace string, serviceKind string) (auth.ConfigService, error)

    // CreateJenkinsClient creates a new Jenkins client
    CreateJenkinsClient(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string, handles util.IOFileHandles) (gojenkins.JenkinsClient, error)

    // CreateCustomJenkinsClient creates a new Jenkins client for the custom Jenkins App with the jenkinsServiceName
    CreateCustomJenkinsClient(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string, jenkinsServiceName string, handles util.IOFileHandles) (gojenkins.JenkinsClient, error)

    // CreateGitProvider creates a new Git provider
    CreateGitProvider(string, string, auth.ConfigService, string, string, bool, gits.Gitter, util.IOFileHandles) (gits.GitProvider, error)

    // CreateComplianceClient creates a new compliance client
    CreateComplianceClient() (*client.SonobuoyClient, error)

    // CreateSystemVaultClient creates the system vault client for managing the secrets
    CreateSystemVaultClient(namespace string) (vault.Client, error)

    // CreateInternalVaultClient returns the Vault client for a Vault instance managed by Jenkins X.
    CreateInternalVaultClient(name string, namespace string) (vault.Client, error)

    // CreateExternalVaultClient returns a Vault client connecting to the Vault instance described in the specified Vault configuration.
    // The client authenticates with the JWT token of the specified service account in the given namespace.
    CreateExternalVaultClient(vaultConfig vault.Vault, kubeClient kubernetes.Interface) (vault.Client, error)

    // CreateHelm creates a new helm client
    CreateHelm(verbose bool, helmBinary string, noTiller bool, helmTemplate bool) helm.Helmer

    // CreateKubeClient creates a new Kubernetes client. It also returns the currently set namespace as per KUBECONFIG.
    // If no namespace is selected, 'default' is returned.
    // If an error occurs an error is returned together with a nil client and an empty string as current namespace.
    CreateKubeClient() (kubernetes.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateKubeConfig creates the kubernetes configuration
    CreateKubeConfig() (*rest.Config, error)

    // CreateJXClient creates a new Kubernetes client for Jenkins X CRDs
    CreateJXClient() (versioned.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateApiExtensionsClient creates a new Kubernetes ApiExtensions client
    CreateApiExtensionsClient() (apiextensionsclientset.Interface, error)

    // CreateDynamicClient creates a new Kubernetes Dynamic client
    CreateDynamicClient() (dynamic.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateMetricsClient creates a new Kubernetes metrics client
    CreateMetricsClient() (metricsclient.Interface, error)

    // CreateTektonClient create a new Kubernetes client for Tekton resources
    CreateTektonClient() (tektonclient.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateTektonPipelineResourceClient creates a new Kubernetes client for Tekton PipelineResources
    CreateTektonPipelineResourceClient() (resourceclient.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateProwJobClient creates a new Kubernetes client for ProwJob resources
    CreateProwJobClient() (prowjobclient.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateKnativeServeClient create a new Kubernetes client for Knative serve resources
    CreateKnativeServeClient() (kserve.Interface, string, error)

    // CreateVaultOperatorClient creates a new Kubernetes client for Vault operator resources
    CreateVaultOperatorClient() (vaultoperatorclient.Interface, error)

    // CreateCertManagerClient creates a new Kubernetes client for cert-manager resources
    CreateCertManagerClient() (certmngclient.Interface, error)

    // CreateTable creates a new table
    CreateTable(out io.Writer) table.Table

    // GetJenkinsURL returns the Jenkins URL
    GetJenkinsURL(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string) (string, error)

    // GetCustomJenkinsURL gets a custom jenkins App service URL
    GetCustomJenkinsURL(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string, jenkinsServiceName string) (string, error)

    // SetBatch configures the batch modes
    SetBatch(batch bool)

    // For tests only, assert that no actual network connections are being made.
    SetOffline(offline bool)

    // IsInCDPipeline indicates if the execution takes place within a CD pipeline
    IsInCDPipeline() bool

    // SecretsLocation inidcates the location of the secrets
    SecretsLocation() secrets.SecretsLocationKind

    // SetSecretsLocation configures the secrets location in memory. It will persist the secrets location in a
    // config map if the persist flag is active.
    SetSecretsLocation(location secrets.SecretsLocationKind, persist bool) error

    // ResetSecretsLocation resets the location of the secrets

    // CreateKustomizer creates a kustomize client
    CreateKustomizer() kustomize.Kustomizer

Factory is the interface defined for jx interactions via the CLI go:generate pegomock generate github.com/jenkins-x/jx/v2/pkg/cmd/clients Factory -o mocks/factory.go

func NewFactory Uses

func NewFactory() Factory

NewFactory creates a factory with the default Kubernetes resources defined if optionalClientConfig is nil, then flags will be bound to a new clientcmd.ClientConfig. if optionalClientConfig is not nil, then this factory will make use of it.

func NewUsingFactory Uses

func NewUsingFactory(jxf jxfactory.Factory) Factory

NewUsingFactory creates a factory with the given underlying factory. Used by downstream repos that reuse jx



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