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package pipeline

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/controller/pipeline"


Package Files

pipelinerunner_cmd.go pipelinerunner_controller.go

func NewCmdControllerPipelineRunner Uses

func NewCmdControllerPipelineRunner(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCmdControllerPipelineRunner creates the command

type ObjectReference Uses

type ObjectReference struct {
    APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion" protobuf:"bytes,5,opt,name=apiVersion"`
    // Kind of the referent.
    // More info: https://git.k8s.io/community/contributors/devel/api-conventions.md#types-kinds
    Kind string `json:"kind" protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=kind"`
    // Name of the referent.
    // More info: http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/identifiers#names
    Name string `json:"name" protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=name"`

ObjectReference represents a reference to a k8s resource

type PipelineRunRequest Uses

type PipelineRunRequest struct {
    Labels      map[string]string   `json:"labels,omitempty"`
    ProwJobSpec prowapi.ProwJobSpec `json:"prowJobSpec,omitempty"`

PipelineRunRequest the request to trigger a pipeline run

type PipelineRunResponse Uses

type PipelineRunResponse struct {
    Resources []kube.ObjectReference `json:"resources,omitempty"`

PipelineRunResponse the results of triggering a pipeline run

type PipelineRunnerOptions Uses

type PipelineRunnerOptions struct {
    BindAddress          string
    Path                 string
    Port                 int
    NoGitCredentialsInit bool
    UseMetaPipeline      bool
    MetaPipelineImage    string
    SemanticRelease      bool

PipelineRunnerOptions holds the command line arguments

func (*PipelineRunnerOptions) Run Uses

func (o *PipelineRunnerOptions) Run() error

Run will implement this command

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