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package upgrade

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/opts/upgrade"


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func ReturnUserNameIfPicked Uses

func ReturnUserNameIfPicked(organisation string, username string) string

ReturnUserNameIfPicked checks to see if PickOrganisation returned "" this will happen if you picked the username as organization which is valid in this scenario and allows code further down to select the appropriate API to call (user or org based)

type UpgradeIngressOptions Uses

type UpgradeIngressOptions struct {

    SkipCertManager     bool
    Cluster             bool
    Force               bool
    Namespaces          []string
    Version             string
    TargetNamespaces    []string
    Services            []string
    SkipResourcesUpdate bool
    WaitForCerts        bool
    ConfigNamespace     string

    IngressConfig kube.IngressConfig

UpgradeIngressOptions the options for the create spring command

func (*UpgradeIngressOptions) AnnotateExposedServicesWithCertManager Uses

func (o *UpgradeIngressOptions) AnnotateExposedServicesWithCertManager(svcs ...string) ([]*v1.Service, error)

AnnotateExposedServicesWithCertManager annotates exposed services with cert manager

func (*UpgradeIngressOptions) CleanServiceAnnotations Uses

func (o *UpgradeIngressOptions) CleanServiceAnnotations(svcs ...string) error

CleanServiceAnnotations cleans service annotations

func (*UpgradeIngressOptions) Run Uses

func (o *UpgradeIngressOptions) Run() error

Run implements the command

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