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package preview

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/preview"


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const (
    DOCKER_REGISTRY                        = "DOCKER_REGISTRY"
    ORG                                    = "ORG"
    REPO_OWNER                             = "REPO_OWNER"
    REPO_NAME                              = "REPO_NAME"
    APP_NAME                               = "APP_NAME"
    PREVIEW_VERSION                        = "PREVIEW_VERSION"

func NewCmdPreview Uses

func NewCmdPreview(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCmdPreview creates a command object for the "create" command

type PreviewOptions Uses

type PreviewOptions struct {

    Name                   string
    Label                  string
    Namespace              string
    DevNamespace           string
    Cluster                string
    PullRequestURL         string
    PullRequest            string
    SourceURL              string
    SourceRef              string
    Dir                    string
    PostPreviewJobTimeout  string
    PostPreviewJobPollTime string
    PreviewHealthTimeout   string

    PullRequestName string
    GitConfDir      string
    GitProvider     gits.GitProvider
    GitInfo         *gits.GitRepository
    NoComment       bool
    SingleComment   bool

    // calculated fields
    PostPreviewJobTimeoutDuration time.Duration
    PostPreviewJobPollDuration    time.Duration
    PreviewHealthTimeoutDuration  time.Duration

    HelmValuesConfig config.HelmValuesConfig

    SkipAvailabilityCheck bool

PreviewOptions the options for viewing running PRs

func (*PreviewOptions) AddPreviewOptions Uses

func (o *PreviewOptions) AddPreviewOptions(cmd *cobra.Command)

func (*PreviewOptions) DefaultValues Uses

func (o *PreviewOptions) DefaultValues(ns string, warnMissingName bool) error

func (*PreviewOptions) GetPreviewValuesConfig Uses

func (o *PreviewOptions) GetPreviewValuesConfig(projectConfig *config.ProjectConfig, domain string) (*config.PreviewValuesConfig, error)

GetPreviewValuesConfig returns the PreviewValuesConfig to use as extraValues for helm

func (*PreviewOptions) Run Uses

func (o *PreviewOptions) Run() error

Run implements the command

func (*PreviewOptions) RunPostPreviewSteps Uses

func (o *PreviewOptions) RunPostPreviewSteps(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string, url string, pipeline string, build string, application string) error

RunPostPreviewSteps lets run any post-preview steps that are configured for all apps in a team

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