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package promote

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/promote"


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const (
    GitStatusSuccess = "success"

func NewCmdPromote Uses

func NewCmdPromote(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCmdPromote creates the new command for: jx get prompt

type PromoteOptions Uses

type PromoteOptions struct {

    Namespace               string
    Environment             string
    Application             string
    Pipeline                string
    Build                   string
    Version                 string
    ReleaseName             string
    LocalHelmRepoName       string
    HelmRepositoryURL       string
    NoHelmUpdate            bool
    AllAutomatic            bool
    NoMergePullRequest      bool
    NoPoll                  bool
    NoWaitAfterMerge        bool
    IgnoreLocalFiles        bool
    NoWaitForUpdatePipeline bool
    Timeout                 string
    PullRequestPollTime     string
    Filter                  string
    Alias                   string

    // calculated fields
    TimeoutDuration         *time.Duration
    PullRequestPollDuration *time.Duration
    Activities              typev1.PipelineActivityInterface
    GitInfo                 *gits.GitRepository

    ReleaseInfo *ReleaseInfo

    // Used for testing
    CloneDir string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PromoteOptions containers the CLI options

func (*PromoteOptions) AddPromoteOptions Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) AddPromoteOptions(cmd *cobra.Command)

AddPromoteOptions adds command level options to `promote`

func (*PromoteOptions) CommentOnIssues Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) CommentOnIssues(targetNS string, environment *v1.Environment, promoteKey *kube.PromoteStepActivityKey) error

CommentOnIssues comments on any issues for a release that the fix is available in the given environment

func (*PromoteOptions) CreatePromoteKey Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) CreatePromoteKey(env *v1.Environment) *kube.PromoteStepActivityKey

func (*PromoteOptions) EnsureApplicationNameIsDefined Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) EnsureApplicationNameIsDefined(sf searchForChartFn, df discoverAppNameFn) error

EnsureApplicationNameIsDefined validates if an application name flag was provided by the user. If missing it will try to set it up or return an error

func (*PromoteOptions) GetEnvChartValues Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) GetEnvChartValues(targetNS string, env *v1.Environment) ([]string, []string)

func (*PromoteOptions) GetTargetNamespace Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) GetTargetNamespace(ns string, env string) (string, *v1.Environment, error)

func (*PromoteOptions) Promote Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) Promote(targetNS string, env *v1.Environment, warnIfAuto bool) (*ReleaseInfo, error)

func (*PromoteOptions) PromoteAllAutomatic Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) PromoteAllAutomatic() error

func (*PromoteOptions) PromoteViaPullRequest Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) PromoteViaPullRequest(env *v1.Environment, releaseInfo *ReleaseInfo) error

func (*PromoteOptions) Run Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) Run() error

Run implements this command

func (*PromoteOptions) SearchForChart Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) SearchForChart(filter string) (string, error)

func (*PromoteOptions) WaitForPromotion Uses

func (o *PromoteOptions) WaitForPromotion(ns string, env *v1.Environment, releaseInfo *ReleaseInfo) error

type ReleaseInfo Uses

type ReleaseInfo struct {
    ReleaseName     string
    FullAppName     string
    Version         string
    PullRequestInfo *gits.PullRequestInfo

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