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package bdd

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/step/bdd"


Package Files

bdd_clusters.go step_bdd.go

func NewCmdStepBDD Uses

func NewCmdStepBDD(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

type Command Uses

type Command struct {
    Command string   `json:"command,omitempty"`
    Args    []string `json:"args,omitempty"`

Command for running post create cluster commands

type CreateCluster Uses

type CreateCluster struct {
    Name      string   `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Args      []string `json:"args,omitempty"`
    NoLabels  bool     `json:"noLabels,omitempty"`
    Labels    string   `json:"labels,omitempty"`
    Terraform bool     `json:"terraform,omitempty"`

    Commands []Command `json:"commands,omitempty"`

CreateCluster defines how to create a cluster

type CreateClusters Uses

type CreateClusters struct {
    Clusters []*CreateCluster `json:"clusters,omitempty"`

CreateClusters contains an array of clusters

func LoadBddClusters Uses

func LoadBddClusters(fileName string) (*CreateClusters, error)

LoadBddClusters loads the cluster configuration from the given file

type StepBDDFlags Uses

type StepBDDFlags struct {
    GoPath              string
    GitProvider         string
    GitOwner            string
    ReportsOutputDir    string
    UseCurrentTeam      bool
    DeleteTeam          bool
    DisableDeleteApp    bool
    DisableDeleteRepo   bool
    IgnoreTestFailure   bool
    Parallel            bool
    VersionsDir         string
    VersionsRepository  string
    VersionsGitRef      string
    ConfigFile          string
    TestRepoGitCloneUrl string
    SkipRepoGitClone    bool
    UseRevision         bool
    TestGitBranch       string
    TestGitPrNumber     string
    JxBinary            string
    TestCases           []string
    VersionsRepoPr      bool
    BaseDomain          string
    Dir                 string

type StepBDDOptions Uses

type StepBDDOptions struct {

    InstallOptions create.InstallOptions
    Flags          StepBDDFlags

StepBDDOptions contains the command line arguments for this command

func (*StepBDDOptions) Run Uses

func (o *StepBDDOptions) Run() error

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