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package expose

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/step/expose"


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var (
    // APIServicePathAnnotationKey the standard annotation to indicate the exposed URL should include an API path in addition to the domain name
    APIServicePathAnnotationKey = "api.service.kubernetes.io/path"

    // ExposeLabelKeys the labels used to indicate if a Service should be exposed
    ExposeLabelKeys = []string{"fabric8.io/expose", "jenkins-x.io/expose"}

    // ExposeAnnotationKey annotation on a Service to store its exposed URL
    ExposeAnnotationKey = "fabric8.io/exposeUrl"

    // ExposeHostNameAsAnnotationKey annotation to indicate the annotation name to expose the service host name
    ExposeHostNameAsAnnotationKey = "fabric8.io/exposeHostNameAs"

    // ExposePortAnnotationKey annotation to expose the service port
    ExposePortAnnotationKey = "fabric8.io/exposePort"

func IsExposedService Uses

func IsExposedService(svc *corev1.Service) bool

IsExposedService returns true if this service should be exposed

func NewCmdStepExpose Uses

func NewCmdStepExpose(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCmdStepExpose creates the command

type StepExposeOptions Uses

type StepExposeOptions struct {
    Dir             string
    IngressTemplate string
    Namespace       string
    LabelSelector   string

StepExposeOptions contains the command line flags

func (*StepExposeOptions) Run Uses

func (o *StepExposeOptions) Run() error

Run runs the command

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