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package credentials

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cmd/step/git/credentials"


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var (
    StepGitCredentialsLong = templates.LongDesc(`
		This pipeline step generates a Git credentials file for the current Git provider secrets


    StepGitCredentialsExample = templates.Examples("" /* 273 byte string literal not displayed */,

func NewCmdStepGitCredentials Uses

func NewCmdStepGitCredentials(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

type StepGitCredentialsOptions Uses

type StepGitCredentialsOptions struct {

    OutputFile string
    // Deprecated
    GitHubAppOwner    string
    RepoOwner         string
    GitKind           string
    CredentialsSecret string
    CredentialHelper  bool

StepGitCredentialsOptions contains the command line flags

func (*StepGitCredentialsOptions) CreateGitCredentialsFromAuthService Uses

func (o *StepGitCredentialsOptions) CreateGitCredentialsFromAuthService(authConfigSvc auth.ConfigService, githubAppEnabled bool) ([]credentialhelper.GitCredential, error)

CreateGitCredentialsFromAuthService creates the git credentials using the auth config service

func (*StepGitCredentialsOptions) GitCredentialsFileData Uses

func (o *StepGitCredentialsOptions) GitCredentialsFileData(credentials []credentialhelper.GitCredential) ([]byte, error)

GitCredentialsFileData takes the given git credentials and writes them into a byte array.

func (*StepGitCredentialsOptions) Run Uses

func (o *StepGitCredentialsOptions) Run() error

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