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package expose

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/expose"


Package Files


func CleanExposecontrollerReources Uses

func CleanExposecontrollerReources(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string)

CleanExposecontrollerReources cleans expose controller resources

func Expose Uses

func Expose(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, certclient certclient.Interface, devNamespace, targetNamespace, password string,
    helmer helm.Helmer, installTimeout string, versionsDir string) error

Expose gets an existing config from the devNamespace and runs exposecontroller in the targetNamespace

func RunExposecontroller Uses

func RunExposecontroller(devNamespace, targetNamespace string, ic kube.IngressConfig,
    kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, helmer helm.Helmer, installTimeout string, versionsDir string, services ...string) error

RunExposecontroller executes the ExposeController as a Job in the targetNamespace for the ingressConfig in ic using the kubeClient and helmer interfaces, and respecting the installTimeout. Additional services to expose can be specified.

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