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package features

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/features"


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var FeatureFlagToken string

API key, populated at build-time.

func CheckStaticJenkins Uses

func CheckStaticJenkins() error

CheckStaticJenkins checks if static jenkins master is enabled

func CheckTektonEnabled Uses

func CheckTektonEnabled() error

CheckTektonEnabled checks if tekton is enabled

func Init Uses

func Init()

Init - initialise the feature flag mechanism

func IsEnabled Uses

func IsEnabled(cmd *cobra.Command) error

Checks if a Cobra command has been enabled

func IsFeatureEnabled Uses

func IsFeatureEnabled() bool

IsFeatureEnabled - determines if the feature flag mechanism is enabled

func SetFeatureFlagToken Uses

func SetFeatureFlagToken(token string)

SetFeatureFlagToken - used to set the API key in the tests todo remove this I have a better idea

type Features Uses

type Features struct {

    // types of Jenkins X installations
    Tekton        server.RoxFlag
    StaticJenkins server.RoxFlag

    // Supported Cloud Providers
    AKS        server.RoxFlag
    AWS        server.RoxFlag
    EKS        server.RoxFlag
    GKE        server.RoxFlag
    ICP        server.RoxFlag
    IKS        server.RoxFlag
    OKE        server.RoxFlag
    Kubernetes server.RoxFlag
    Minikube   server.RoxFlag
    Openshift  server.RoxFlag

    // Supported build packs
    Java server.RoxFlag
    Go   server.RoxFlag
    Node server.RoxFlag

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