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package features

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/gits/features"


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func DisableFeaturesForOrg Uses

func DisableFeaturesForOrg(org string, includes []string, excludes []string, dryRun bool, batchMode bool, provider gits.GitProvider, handles util.IOFileHandles) error

DisableFeaturesForOrg iterates over all the repositories in org (except those that match excludes) and disables issue trackers, projects and wikis if they are not in use.

Issue trackers are not in use if they have no open or closed issues Projects are not in use if there are no open projects Wikis are not in use if the provider returns that the wiki is not enabled

Note that the requirement for issues is no issues at all so that we don't close issue trackers that have historic info

If includes is not empty only those that match an include will be operated on. If dryRun is true, the operations to be done will printed and but nothing done. If batchMode is false, then each change will be prompted.

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