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package gitresolver

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/jenkinsfile/gitresolver"


Package Files

buildpack.go resolve.go resolvers.go

func CreateResolver Uses

func CreateResolver(packsDir string, gitter gits.Gitter) (jenkinsfile.ImportFileResolver, error)

CreateResolver creates a new module resolver

func InitBuildPack Uses

func InitBuildPack(gitter gits.Gitter, packURL string, packRef string) (string, error)

InitBuildPack initialises the build pack URL and git ref returning the packs dir or an error

func LoadModules Uses

func LoadModules(dir string) (*jenkinsfile.Modules, error)

LoadModules loads the modules in the given build pack directory if there are any

type ModuleResolver Uses

type ModuleResolver struct {
    Module   *jenkinsfile.Module
    PacksDir string

ModuleResolver a resolver for a single module

func Resolve Uses

func Resolve(m *jenkinsfile.Module, gitter gits.Gitter) (*ModuleResolver, error)

Resolve resolves this module to a directory

type ModulesResolver Uses

type ModulesResolver struct {
    Modules map[string]*ModuleResolver

ModulesResolver resolves a number of modules into a structure we can use to resolve imports

func ResolveModules Uses

func ResolveModules(m *jenkinsfile.Modules, gitter gits.Gitter) (*ModulesResolver, error)

ResolveModules Resolve the modules into a module resolver

func (*ModulesResolver) AsImportResolver Uses

func (m *ModulesResolver) AsImportResolver() jenkinsfile.ImportFileResolver

AsImportResolver returns an ImportFileResolver for these modules

func (*ModulesResolver) ResolveImport Uses

func (m *ModulesResolver) ResolveImport(importFile *jenkinsfile.ImportFile) (string, error)

ResolveImport resolves an import relative to the local git clone of the import

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