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package kserving

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/kserving"


Package Files

constants.go kservices.go


const (
    // ServiceLabel the label to denote a service name of a kserve Deployment
    ServiceLabel = "serving.knative.dev/service"

    // RevisionLabel the label used to show the revision
    RevisionLabel = "serving.knative.dev/revision"

func FindServiceURL Uses

func FindServiceURL(client kserve.Interface, kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, namespace string, name string) (string, *v1alpha1.Service, error)

FindServiceURL finds the service URL for the given knative service name

func GetServiceURL Uses

func GetServiceURL(service *v1alpha1.Service, kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, namespace string) string

GetServiceURL returns the URL for the given knative service

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