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package ksync

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/ksync"


Package Files

cli.go interface.go

func InstallKSync Uses

func InstallKSync() (string, error)

InstallKSync installs ksync, it returns the sha of the latest commit

type CLI Uses

type CLI struct {
    Runner util.Commander

CLI implements the command ksync commands contained in KSyncer.

func NewCLI Uses

func NewCLI() (*CLI, error)

NewCLI creates a new KsyncCLI instance configured to use the provided ksync CLI in the given current working directory

func (*CLI) Clean Uses

func (kcli *CLI) Clean() (string, error)

Clean removes the ksync pods

func (*CLI) Init Uses

func (kcli *CLI) Init(flags ...string) (string, error)

Init installs the server side component of ksync - the daemonsets

func (*CLI) Version Uses

func (kcli *CLI) Version() (string, error)

Version prints out the version of the local component of ksync

type KSyncer Uses

type KSyncer interface {
    Version() (string, error)
    Init(...string) (string, error)
    Clean() (string, error)

KSyncer contains the ksync commands

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