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package logs

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/logs"


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func NewBucketProviderFromTeamSettingsConfiguration Uses

func NewBucketProviderFromTeamSettingsConfiguration(jxClient versioned.Interface, ns string) (buckets.Provider, error)

type LogLine Uses

type LogLine struct {
    Line       string
    ShouldMask bool

LogLine is the object sent to and received from the channels in the StreamLog and WriteLog functions defined by LogWriter

type TektonLogger Uses

type TektonLogger struct {
    JXClient          versioned.Interface
    TektonClient      tektonclient.Interface
    KubeClient        kubernetes.Interface
    Namespace         string
    BytesLimit        int64
    FailIfPodFails    bool
    LogsRetrieverFunc retrieverFunc
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TektonLogger contains the necessary clients and the namespace to get data from the cluster, an implementation of LogWriter to write logs to and a logs retriever function to override the default way to obtain logs

func (*TektonLogger) Err Uses

func (t *TektonLogger) Err() error

Err returns the last error that occurred during streaming logs. It should be checked after the log stream channel has been closed.

func (*TektonLogger) GetRunningBuildLogs Uses

func (t *TektonLogger) GetRunningBuildLogs(pa *v1.PipelineActivity, buildName string, noWaitForRuns bool) <-chan LogLine

GetRunningBuildLogs obtains the logs of the provided PipelineActivity and streams the running build pods' logs using the provided LogWriter

func (TektonLogger) GetTektonPipelinesWithActivePipelineActivity Uses

func (t TektonLogger) GetTektonPipelinesWithActivePipelineActivity(filters []string) ([]string, map[string]*v1.PipelineActivity, error)

GetTektonPipelinesWithActivePipelineActivity returns list of all PipelineActivities with corresponding Tekton PipelineRuns ordered by the PipelineRun creation timestamp and a map to obtain its reference once a name has been selected

func (*TektonLogger) StreamPipelinePersistentLogs Uses

func (t *TektonLogger) StreamPipelinePersistentLogs(logsURL string, authSvc auth.ConfigService) <-chan LogLine

StreamPipelinePersistentLogs reads logs from the provided bucket URL and writes them using the provided LogWriter

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