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package logs

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/logs"


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func NewBucketProviderFromTeamSettingsConfiguration Uses

func NewBucketProviderFromTeamSettingsConfiguration(jxClient versioned.Interface, ns string) (buckets.Provider, error)

type LogLine Uses

type LogLine struct {
    Line       string
    ShouldMask bool

LogLine is the object sent to and received from the channels in the StreamLog and WriteLog functions defined by LogWriter

type LogWriter Uses

type LogWriter interface {
    WriteLog(line LogLine, lch chan<- LogLine) error
    StreamLog(lch <-chan LogLine, ech <-chan error) error
    BytesLimit() int

LogWriter is an interface that can be implemented to define different ways to stream / write logs it's the implementer's responsibility to route those logs through the corresponding medium

type TektonLogger Uses

type TektonLogger struct {
    JXClient          versioned.Interface
    TektonClient      tektonclient.Interface
    KubeClient        kubernetes.Interface
    LogWriter         LogWriter
    Namespace         string
    LogsRetrieverFunc retrieverFunc

    FailIfPodFails bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TektonLogger contains the necessary clients and the namespace to get data from the cluster, an implementation of LogWriter to write logs to and a logs retriever function to override the default way to obtain logs

func (TektonLogger) GetRunningBuildLogs Uses

func (t TektonLogger) GetRunningBuildLogs(pa *v1.PipelineActivity, buildName string, noWaitForRuns bool) error

GetRunningBuildLogs obtains the logs of the provided PipelineActivity and streams the running build pods' logs using the provided LogWriter

func (TektonLogger) GetTektonPipelinesWithActivePipelineActivity Uses

func (t TektonLogger) GetTektonPipelinesWithActivePipelineActivity(filters []string) ([]string, map[string]*v1.PipelineActivity, error)

GetTektonPipelinesWithActivePipelineActivity returns list of all PipelineActivities with corresponding Tekton PipelineRuns ordered by the PipelineRun creation timestamp and a map to obtain its reference once a name has been selected

func (*TektonLogger) StreamPipelinePersistentLogs Uses

func (t *TektonLogger) StreamPipelinePersistentLogs(logsURL string, jxClient versioned.Interface, ns string, authSvc auth.ConfigService) error

StreamPipelinePersistentLogs reads logs from the provided bucket URL and writes them using the provided LogWriter

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