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package maven

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/maven"


Package Files

archetype.go cli.go constants.go


const (
    MavenArchetypePluginVersion = "3.0.1"
const (
    // MavenVersion the release version of Apache Maven
    MavenVersion = "3.5.4"

func InstallMavenIfRequired Uses

func InstallMavenIfRequired() error

InstallMavenIfRequired installs maven if not available

type ArchetypeFilter Uses

type ArchetypeFilter struct {
    GroupIds         []string
    GroupIdFilter    string
    ArtifactIdFilter string
    Version          string

type ArchetypeForm Uses

type ArchetypeForm struct {
    ArchetypeGroupId    string
    ArchetypeArtifactId string
    ArchetypeVersion    string

    GroupId    string
    ArtifactId string
    Package    string
    Version    string

type ArchetypeModel Uses

type ArchetypeModel struct {
    Groups map[string]*GroupArchectypes

func NewArchetypeModel Uses

func NewArchetypeModel() ArchetypeModel

func (*ArchetypeModel) AddArtifact Uses

func (m *ArchetypeModel) AddArtifact(a *ArtifactData) *ArtifactVersions

func (*ArchetypeModel) ArtifactIDs Uses

func (m *ArchetypeModel) ArtifactIDs(groupId string, filter string) []string

func (*ArchetypeModel) CreateSurvey Uses

func (model *ArchetypeModel) CreateSurvey(data *ArchetypeFilter, pickVersion bool, form *ArchetypeForm, handles util.IOFileHandles) error

func (*ArchetypeModel) GroupIDs Uses

func (m *ArchetypeModel) GroupIDs(filter string) []string

func (*ArchetypeModel) Versions Uses

func (m *ArchetypeModel) Versions(groupId string, artifactId, filter string) []string

type ArtifactData Uses

type ArtifactData struct {
    GroupId     string
    ArtifactId  string
    Version     string
    Description string

type ArtifactVersions Uses

type ArtifactVersions struct {
    GroupId     string
    ArtifactId  string
    Description string
    Versions    []string

type GroupArchectypes Uses

type GroupArchectypes struct {
    GroupId   string
    Artifacts map[string]*ArtifactVersions

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