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package packages

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/packages"


Package Files

install.go packages.go


const EksCtlVersion = "0.25.0"

EksCtlVersion binary version to use

const GlooVersion = "1.3.23"

GlooVersion binary version to use

const Helm2Version = "2.17.0"

Helm2Version binary version to use

const Helm3Version = "3.2.0"

Helm3Version binary version to use

const IBMCloudVersion = "0.10.1"

IBMCloudVersion ibm cloud binary version

const IamAuthenticatorAwsVersion = "1.12.7"

IamAuthenticatorAwsVersion authenticator binary version to use

const KubectlVersion = "1.16.5"

KubectlVersion binary version to use

const KustomizeVersion = "3.5.1"

KustomizeVersion binary version to use


var GlobalBinaryPathAllowlist = []string{

GlobalBinaryPathAllowlist binaries that require to be on the path but do not need to exist in JX_HOME/bin

func AddRequiredBinary Uses

func AddRequiredBinary(binName string, deps []string) []string

AddRequiredBinary add the required binary

func BinaryShouldBeInstalled Uses

func BinaryShouldBeInstalled(d string) string

BinaryShouldBeInstalled appends the binary to the deps array if it cannot be found on the $PATH

func BinaryWithExtension Uses

func BinaryWithExtension(binary string) string

func DownloadFile Uses

func DownloadFile(clientURL string, fullPath string) error

DownloadFile downloads binary content of given URL into local filesystem.

func FilterInstalledDependencies Uses

func FilterInstalledDependencies(deps []string) []string

FilterInstalledDependencies filters installed dependencies

func InstallKubectl Uses

func InstallKubectl(skipPathScan bool) error

InstallKubectl installs kubectl

func InstallKubectlWithVersion Uses

func InstallKubectlWithVersion(version string, skipPathScan bool) error

InstallKubectlWithVersion install a specific version of kubectl

func InstallOrUpdateBinary Uses

func InstallOrUpdateBinary(options InstallOrUpdateBinaryOptions) error

InstallOrUpdateBinary installs or updates a binary

func InstalledPackagesFile Uses

func InstalledPackagesFile() (string, error)

InstalledPackagesFile returns absolute path to binaries.yml file used to store version of installed packages.

func IsBinaryWithProperVersionInstalled Uses

func IsBinaryWithProperVersionInstalled(binary string, expectedVersion string, versionExtractor VersionExtractor) (bool, error)

func LoadInstalledPackages Uses

func LoadInstalledPackages() (map[string]string, error)

func LookupForBinary Uses

func LookupForBinary(binary string) (string, error)

func RememberInstalledPackage Uses

func RememberInstalledPackage(packageName string, version string) error

RememberInstalledPackage writes the version of package into local file system. This allows to identify what version of package is currently installed in ~/.jx/bin .

func ShouldInstallBinary Uses

func ShouldInstallBinary(name string) (bool, error)

ShouldInstallBinary checks if the given binary should be installed

func UninstallBinary Uses

func UninstallBinary(binDir string, name string) error

UninstallBinary uninstalls given binary

type InstallOrUpdateBinaryOptions Uses

type InstallOrUpdateBinaryOptions struct {
    Binary                       string
    GitHubOrganization           string
    DownloadUrlTemplate          string
    DownloadUrlTemplateLowerCase bool
    Version                      string
    SkipPathScan                 bool
    VersionExtractor             VersionExtractor
    Archived                     bool
    ArchiveDirectory             string

InstallOrUpdateBinaryOptions options for install or update binary

type VersionExtractor Uses

type VersionExtractor interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

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