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package testhelpers

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/pipelinescheduler/testhelpers"


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func BuildAndValidateProwConfig Uses

func BuildAndValidateProwConfig(t *testing.T, baseDir string, expectedConfigFilename string,
    expectedPluginsFilename string, schedulerFiles []SchedulerFile)

BuildAndValidateProwConfig takes a list of schedulerFiles and builds them to a Prow config, and validates them against the expectedConfigFilename and expectedPluginsFilename that make up the prow config. Filepaths are relative to the baseDir

func CompleteScheduler Uses

func CompleteScheduler() *v1.SchedulerSpec

CompleteScheduler returns a SchedulerSpec completely filled with dummy data

func PointerToReplaceableMapOfStringString Uses

func PointerToReplaceableMapOfStringString() *v1.ReplaceableMapOfStringString

PointerToReplaceableMapOfStringString returns a ReplaceableMapOfStringString pointer

func PointerToReplaceableSliceOfStrings Uses

func PointerToReplaceableSliceOfStrings() *v1.ReplaceableSliceOfStrings

PointerToReplaceableSliceOfStrings creaters a ReplaceableSliceOfStrings and returns its pointer

type SchedulerFile Uses

type SchedulerFile struct {
    // Filenames is the hierarchy with the leaf at the right
    Filenames []string
    Org       string
    Repo      string

SchedulerFile contains a list of leaf files to build the scheduler from

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