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package prow

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/prow"


Package Files

applications.go chart.go config.go env_vars.go pjutil.go prow.go


const (
    ConfigMapName           = "config"
    PluginsConfigMapName    = "plugins"
    ExternalPluginsFilename = "external-plugins.yaml"
    ConfigFilename          = "config.yaml"
    PluginsFilename         = "plugins.yaml"

ConfigMapName, PluginsConfigMapName are the names of the configmaps which store prow related config

const (
    TektonAgent = "tekton"

func AddApplication Uses

func AddApplication(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, repos []string, ns, draftPack string, teamSettings *v1.TeamSettings) error

AddApplication adds an app git repo config

func AddDummyApplication Uses

func AddDummyApplication(client kubernetes.Interface, devNamespace string, settings *v1.TeamSettings) error

AddDummyApplication creates the dummy prow jenkins app

func AddEnvironment Uses

func AddEnvironment(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, repos []string, ns, environmentNamespace string, teamSettings *v1.TeamSettings, remoteEnvironment bool) error

AddEnvironment adds an environment git repo config

func AddExternalPlugins Uses

func AddExternalPlugins(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, repos []string, ns string,
    add ...plugins.ExternalPlugin) error

AddExternalPlugins adds one or more external plugins to the specified repos. If repos is nil, then the external plugins will be added to all repos that have plugins

func AddProtection Uses

func AddProtection(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, repos []string, context string, ns string, teamSettings *v1.TeamSettings) error

AddProtection adds a protection entry in the prow config

func CreateProwJob Uses

func CreateProwJob(client kubernetes.Interface, ns string, j prowapi.ProwJob) (prowapi.ProwJob, error)

CreateProwJob creates a new ProbJob resource for the Prow build controller to run

func DeleteApplication Uses

func DeleteApplication(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, repos []string, ns string) error

DeleteApplication will delete the Prow configuration for a given set of repositories

func NewProwJob Uses

func NewProwJob(spec prowapi.ProwJobSpec, labels map[string]string) prowapi.ProwJob

NewProwJob initializes a ProwJob out of a ProwJobSpec.

type ExternalPlugins Uses

type ExternalPlugins struct {
    Items []plugins.ExternalPlugin

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    KubeClient           kubernetes.Interface
    Repos                []string
    NS                   string
    Kind                 prowconfig.Kind
    DraftPack            string
    EnvironmentNamespace string
    Context              string
    Agent                string
    IgnoreBranch         bool
    PluginsFileLocation  string
    ConfigFileLocation   string

Options for Prow

func (*Options) AddExternalProwPlugins Uses

func (o *Options) AddExternalProwPlugins(adds []plugins.ExternalPlugin) error

func (*Options) AddProwConfig Uses

func (o *Options) AddProwConfig() error

AddProwConfig adds config to Prow

func (*Options) AddProwPlugins Uses

func (o *Options) AddProwPlugins() error

AddProwPlugins adds plugins and external plugins to prow for any repos defined in o.Repos, or for all repos which have plugins if o.Repos is nil

func (*Options) GetPostSubmitJob Uses

func (o *Options) GetPostSubmitJob(org, repo, branch string) (job.Postsubmit, error)

func (*Options) GetProwConfig Uses

func (o *Options) GetProwConfig() (*config.Config, bool, error)

func (*Options) GetReleaseJobs Uses

func (o *Options) GetReleaseJobs() ([]string, error)

func (*Options) LoadPluginConfig Uses

func (o *Options) LoadPluginConfig() (*plugins.Configuration, error)

LoadPluginConfig loads prow plugins from a configmap

func (*Options) LoadProwConfig Uses

func (o *Options) LoadProwConfig() (*config.Config, error)

LoadProwConfig loads prow config from configmap

func (*Options) LoadProwConfigFromFile Uses

func (o *Options) LoadProwConfigFromFile() (*config.Config, error)

LoadProwConfigFromFile loads prow config from a file

func (*Options) LoadProwPluginsFromFile Uses

func (o *Options) LoadProwPluginsFromFile() (*plugins.Configuration, error)

LoadProwPluginsFromFile loads prow plugins from a file

func (*Options) RemoveProwConfig Uses

func (o *Options) RemoveProwConfig() error

RemoveProwConfig deletes a config (normally a repository integration) from Prow

type Owners Uses

type Owners struct {
    Approvers []string `json:"approvers"`
    Reviewers []string `json:"reviewers"`

Owners keeps the prow OWNERS data

type OwnersAliases Uses

type OwnersAliases struct {
    Aliases       []string `json:"aliases"`
    BestApprovers []string `json:"best-approvers"`
    BestReviewers []string `json:"best-reviewers"`

OwnersAliases keept the prow OWNERS_ALIASES data

type Prow Uses

type Prow struct {
    Version     string
    Chart       string
    SetValues   string
    ReleaseName string
    HMACToken   string
    OAUTHToken  string

Prow keeps install information for prow chart

type PullRefs Uses

type PullRefs struct {
    BaseBranch string
    BaseSha    string
    ToMerge    map[string]string

PullRefs is the result of parsing the Prow PULL_REFS

func ParsePullRefs Uses

func ParsePullRefs(pullRefs string) (*PullRefs, error)

ParsePullRefs parses the Prow PULL_REFS env var formatted string and converts to a map of branch:sha

func (*PullRefs) String Uses

func (pr *PullRefs) String() string



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