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package quickstarts

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/quickstarts"


Package Files

model.go quickstarts.go types.go


const (
    // JenkinsXQuickstartsOwner default quickstart owner
    JenkinsXQuickstartsOwner = "jenkins-x-quickstarts"

func QuickStartVersion Uses

func QuickStartVersion(sha string) string

QuickStartVersion creates a quickstart version string

type Quickstart Uses

type Quickstart struct {
    ID             string
    Owner          string
    Name           string
    Version        string
    Language       string
    Framework      string
    Tags           []string
    DownloadZipURL string
    GitServer      string
    GitKind        string
    GitProvider    gits.GitProvider

func GitQuickstart Uses

func GitQuickstart(provider gits.GitProvider, owner string, repo string, version string, downloadURL string, language string, framework string, tags ...string) *Quickstart

GitQuickstart returns a github based quickstart

func (*Quickstart) GetGitKind Uses

func (q *Quickstart) GetGitKind() string

GetGitKind returns the kind of git provider to use

func (*Quickstart) GetGitServer Uses

func (q *Quickstart) GetGitServer() string

GetGitServer returns the git server to use

func (*Quickstart) SurveyName Uses

func (q *Quickstart) SurveyName() string

type QuickstartFilter Uses

type QuickstartFilter struct {
    Language    string
    Framework   string
    Owner       string
    Text        string
    ProjectName string
    Tags        []string
    AllowML     bool

func (*QuickstartFilter) Matches Uses

func (f *QuickstartFilter) Matches(q *Quickstart) bool

type QuickstartForm Uses

type QuickstartForm struct {
    Quickstart *Quickstart
    Name       string

type QuickstartModel Uses

type QuickstartModel struct {
    Quickstarts map[string]*Quickstart

func NewQuickstartModel Uses

func NewQuickstartModel() *QuickstartModel

NewQuickstartModel creates a new quickstart model

func (*QuickstartModel) Add Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) Add(q *Quickstart) bool

Add adds the given quickstart to this mode. Returns true if it was added

func (*QuickstartModel) CreateSurvey Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) CreateSurvey(filter *QuickstartFilter, batchMode bool, handles util.IOFileHandles) (*QuickstartForm, error)

CreateSurvey creates a survey to query pick a quickstart

func (*QuickstartModel) Filter Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) Filter(filter *QuickstartFilter) []*Quickstart

Filter filters all the available quickstarts with the filter and return the matches

func (*QuickstartModel) Languages Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) Languages() []string

Languages returns all the languages in the quickstarts sorted

func (*QuickstartModel) LoadGithubQuickstarts Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) LoadGithubQuickstarts(provider gits.GitProvider, owner string, includes []string, excludes []string) error

LoadGithubQuickstarts Loads quickstarts from github

func (*QuickstartModel) LoadQuickStarts Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) LoadQuickStarts(quickstarts *versionstream.QuickStarts) error

func (*QuickstartModel) SortedNames Uses

func (model *QuickstartModel) SortedNames() []string

SortedNames returns the sorted names of the quickstarts

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