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package reportingtools

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/reportingtools"


Package Files

XUnitViewer.go xunit_client.go

type XUnitClient Uses

type XUnitClient interface {
    EnsureXUnitViewer(o *opts.CommonOptions) error
    EnsureNPMIsInstalled() error
    CreateHTMLReport(outputReportName, suiteName, targetFileName string) error

XUnitClient is the interface defined for jx interactions with the xunit-viewer client go:generate pegomock generate github.com/jenkins-x/jx/v2/pkg/reportingtools XUnitClient -o mocks/xunitclient.go

type XUnitViewer Uses

type XUnitViewer struct{}

XUnitViewer is an implementation of the XUnitClient interface

func (XUnitViewer) CreateHTMLReport Uses

func (c XUnitViewer) CreateHTMLReport(outputReportName, suiteName, targetFileName string) error

CreateHTMLReport uses xunit-viewer to create an HTML report into the outputReportName, with a given suitename, from a given xml report

func (XUnitViewer) EnsureNPMIsInstalled Uses

func (c XUnitViewer) EnsureNPMIsInstalled() error

EnsureNPMIsInstalled makes sure NPM is installed and fails otherwise

func (XUnitViewer) EnsureXUnitViewer Uses

func (c XUnitViewer) EnsureXUnitViewer(o *opts.CommonOptions) error

EnsureXUnitViewer makes sure `xunit-viewer` is installed, otherwise it attempts to install it. It also checks NPM is installed



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