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package reports

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/reports"


Package Files

blog_report.go project_history.go reports.go table_report.go

func NewProjectHistoryService Uses

func NewProjectHistoryService(fileName string) (*ProjectHistoryService, *ProjectHistory, error)

func ReportAddNumber Uses

func ReportAddNumber(report BarReport, name string, value int)

type BarReport Uses

type BarReport interface {
    AddText(name string, value string)
    AddNumber(name string, value int)

    Render() error

type BlogBarReport Uses

type BlogBarReport struct {
    Name       string
    BlogWriter io.Writer
    JSFileName string
    JSLinkURI  string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBlogBarReport Uses

func NewBlogBarReport(name string, blogWriter io.Writer, jsFileName string, jsLinkURI string) *BlogBarReport

func (*BlogBarReport) AddNumber Uses

func (r *BlogBarReport) AddNumber(name string, value int)

func (*BlogBarReport) AddText Uses

func (r *BlogBarReport) AddText(name string, value string)

func (*BlogBarReport) Render Uses

func (r *BlogBarReport) Render() error

type CountMetrics Uses

type CountMetrics struct {
    Count int `json:"count,omitempty"`
    Total int `json:"total,omitempty"`

type ProjectHistory Uses

type ProjectHistory struct {
    LastReportDate string           `json:"lastReportDate,omitempty"`
    Reports        []*ProjectReport `json:"reports,omitempty"`
    Contributors   []string         `json:"contributors,omitempty"`
    Committers     []string         `json:"committers,omitempty"`

func (*ProjectHistory) CommitMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) CommitMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) DeveloperChatMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) DeveloperChatMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) DownloadMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) DownloadMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) FindPreviousReport Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) FindPreviousReport(reportDate string) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) FindReport Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) FindReport(reportDate string) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) GetOrCreateReport Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) GetOrCreateReport(reportDate string) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) IssueMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) IssueMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) NewCommitterMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) NewCommitterMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) NewContributorMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) NewContributorMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) PullRequestMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) PullRequestMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) StarsMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) StarsMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

func (*ProjectHistory) UserChatMetrics Uses

func (h *ProjectHistory) UserChatMetrics(reportDate string, total int) *ProjectReport

type ProjectHistoryService Uses

type ProjectHistoryService struct {
    FileName string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ProjectHistoryService) History Uses

func (s *ProjectHistoryService) History() *ProjectHistory

func (*ProjectHistoryService) LoadHistory Uses

func (s *ProjectHistoryService) LoadHistory() (*ProjectHistory, error)

LoadHistory loads the project history from disk if it exists

func (*ProjectHistoryService) SaveHistory Uses

func (s *ProjectHistoryService) SaveHistory() error

SaveHistory saves the history to disk

type ProjectReport Uses

type ProjectReport struct {
    ReportDate            string       `json:"reportDate,omitempty"`
    StarsMetrics          CountMetrics `json:"starsMetrics,omitempty"`
    DownloadMetrics       CountMetrics `json:"downloadMetrics,omitempty"`
    IssueMetrics          CountMetrics `json:"issueMetrics,omitempty"`
    PullRequestMetrics    CountMetrics `json:"pullRequestMetrics,omitempty"`
    CommitMetrics         CountMetrics `json:"commitMetrics,omitempty"`
    NewCommitterMetrics   CountMetrics `json:"newCommitterMetrics,omitempty"`
    NewContributorMetrics CountMetrics `json:"newContributorMetrics,omitempty"`
    DeveloperChatMetrics  CountMetrics `json:"developerChatMetrics,omitempty"`
    UserChatMetrics       CountMetrics `json:"userChatMetrics,omitempty"`

type TableBarReport Uses

type TableBarReport struct {
    Table table.Table

func NewTableBarReport Uses

func NewTableBarReport(table table.Table, legends ...string) *TableBarReport

func (*TableBarReport) AddNumber Uses

func (t *TableBarReport) AddNumber(name string, value int)

func (*TableBarReport) AddText Uses

func (t *TableBarReport) AddText(name string, value string)

func (*TableBarReport) Render Uses

func (t *TableBarReport) Render() error

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