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package table

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/table"


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type Table Uses

type Table struct {
    Out          io.Writer
    Rows         [][]string
    ColumnWidths []int
    ColumnAlign  []int
    Separator    string

func CreateTable Uses

func CreateTable(out io.Writer) Table

func (*Table) AddRow Uses

func (t *Table) AddRow(col ...string)

AddRow adds a new row to the table

func (*Table) Clear Uses

func (t *Table) Clear()

Clear removes all rows while preserving the layout

func (*Table) GetColumnAlign Uses

func (t *Table) GetColumnAlign(i int) int

GetColumnAlign return the column alignment

func (*Table) Render Uses

func (t *Table) Render()

func (*Table) SetColumnAlign Uses

func (t *Table) SetColumnAlign(i int, align int)

SetColumnAlign sets the column alignment for the given column index

func (*Table) SetColumnsAligns Uses

func (t *Table) SetColumnsAligns(colAligns []int)

SetColumnsAligns sets the alignment of the columns

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