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package condition

import ""


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type PluginDepCheck Uses

type PluginDepCheck struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PluginDepCheck is the checker of plugin deps

func NewChecker Uses

func NewChecker(jenkins *appCfg.JenkinsServer, roundTripper http.RoundTripper, pluginName, targetVersion string) (
    checker *PluginDepCheck)

NewChecker returns a plugin dep checker

func (*PluginDepCheck) Check Uses

func (p *PluginDepCheck) Check() (err error)

Check check if the target plugin with a specific version does exists

func (*PluginDepCheck) FindPlugin Uses

func (p *PluginDepCheck) FindPlugin(name string) (plugin *client.InstalledPlugin, err error)

FindPlugin find a plugin by name

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