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package config_plugin

import ""


Package Files

root.go type.go uninstall_plugin.go

func NewConfigPluginCmd Uses

func NewConfigPluginCmd(opt *common.CommonOption) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewConfigPluginCmd create a command as root of config plugin

func NewConfigPluginFetchCmd Uses

func NewConfigPluginFetchCmd(opt *common.CommonOption) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewConfigPluginFetchCmd create a command for fetching plugin metadata

func NewConfigPluginInstallCmd Uses

func NewConfigPluginInstallCmd(opt *common.CommonOption) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewConfigPluginInstallCmd create a command for fetching plugin metadata

func NewConfigPluginListCmd Uses

func NewConfigPluginListCmd(opt *common.CommonOption) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewConfigPluginListCmd create a command for list all jcli plugins

func NewConfigPluginUninstallCmd Uses

func NewConfigPluginUninstallCmd(opt *common.CommonOption) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewConfigPluginUninstallCmd create a command to uninstall a plugin

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