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package version

import ""


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types.go upgrade.go version.go

func NewSelfUpgradeCmd Uses

func NewSelfUpgradeCmd(client common.JenkinsClient, jenkinsConfigMgr common.JenkinsConfigMgr) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewSelfUpgradeCmd create a command for self upgrade

func NewVersionCmd Uses

func NewVersionCmd(client common.JenkinsClient, jenkinsConfigMgr common.JenkinsConfigMgr) (cmd *cobra.Command)

NewVersionCmd create a command for version

type PrintOption Uses

type PrintOption struct {
    Changelog  bool
    ShowLatest bool

    JenkinsClient    common.JenkinsClient
    JenkinsConfigMgr common.JenkinsConfigMgr

PrintOption is the version option

func (*PrintOption) RunE Uses

func (o *PrintOption) RunE(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string) (err error)

RunE is the main point of current command

type SelfUpgradeOption Uses

type SelfUpgradeOption struct {
    ShowProgress bool
    Privilege    bool

    GitHubClient *github.Client
    RoundTripper http.RoundTripper

SelfUpgradeOption is the option for self upgrade command

func (*SelfUpgradeOption) RunE Uses

func (o *SelfUpgradeOption) RunE(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) (err error)

RunE is the main point of current command

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