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package client

import ""


Package Files

artifacts.go artifacts_test_common.go casc.go casc_test_common.go common.go common_test_common.go computer.go computer_test_common.go core.go core_test_common.go credentials.go credentials_test_common.go job.go job_test_common.go pluginApi.go pluginApi_test_common.go pluginManager_test_common.go pluginManger.go queue.go release.go release_test_common.go requestmatcher.go status.go status_test_common.go test_methods.go updateCenter.go updateCenter_test_common.go user.go user_test_common.go


const (
    // StringParameterDefinition is the definition for string parameter
    StringParameterDefinition = "StringParameterDefinition"
    // FileParameterDefinition is the definition for file parameter
    FileParameterDefinition = "FileParameterDefinition"

func GetPayloadForCreateAgent Uses

func GetPayloadForCreateAgent(name string) *strings.Reader

GetPayloadForCreateAgent returns a payload for creating an agent

func ParseJobPath Uses

func ParseJobPath(jobName string) (path string)

ParseJobPath leads with slash

func PrepareCancelQueue Uses

func PrepareCancelQueue(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, passwd string)

PrepareCancelQueue only for test

func PrepareCheckUpdate Uses

func PrepareCheckUpdate(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareCheckUpdate only for test

func PrepareCommonPost Uses

func PrepareCommonPost(request *http.Request, responseBody string, roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, user, passwd, rootURL string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareCommonPost only for test

func PrepareCreateToken Uses

func PrepareCreateToken(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL,
    user, passwd, newTokenName, targetUser string) (response *http.Response)

PrepareCreateToken only for test

func PrepareCreateUser Uses

func PrepareCreateUser(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL,
    user, passwd, targetUserName string) (response *http.Response)

PrepareCreateUser only for test

func PrepareDownloadPlugin Uses

func PrepareDownloadPlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper) (response *http.Response)

PrepareDownloadPlugin only for test

func PrepareEmptyItems Uses

func PrepareEmptyItems(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, name, kind, user, token string)

PrepareEmptyItems only for test

func PrepareFor500InstalledPluginList Uses

func PrepareFor500InstalledPluginList(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string, depth int) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareFor500InstalledPluginList only for test

func PrepareForBuildWithNoParams Uses

func PrepareForBuildWithNoParams(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobName, user, password string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForBuildWithNoParams only for test

func PrepareForBuildWithParams Uses

func PrepareForBuildWithParams(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobName, user, password string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForBuildWithParams only for test

func PrepareForCancelShutdown Uses

func PrepareForCancelShutdown(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, cancel bool)

PrepareForCancelShutdown only for test

func PrepareForChangeUpdateCenterSite Uses

func PrepareForChangeUpdateCenterSite(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, name, updateCenterURL string)

PrepareForChangeUpdateCenterSite only for test

func PrepareForComputerAgentSecretRequest Uses

func PrepareForComputerAgentSecretRequest(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, name, secret string)

PrepareForComputerAgentSecretRequest only for test

func PrepareForComputerCreateRequest Uses

func PrepareForComputerCreateRequest(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, name string)

PrepareForComputerCreateRequest only for test

func PrepareForComputerDeleteRequest Uses

func PrepareForComputerDeleteRequest(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, name string)

PrepareForComputerDeleteRequest only for test

func PrepareForComputerList Uses

func PrepareForComputerList() string

PrepareForComputerList only for test

func PrepareForComputerListRequest Uses

func PrepareForComputerListRequest(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareForComputerListRequest only for test

func PrepareForComputerLogRequest Uses

func PrepareForComputerLogRequest(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, name string)

PrepareForComputerLogRequest only for test

func PrepareForComputerLogRequestWithCode Uses

func PrepareForComputerLogRequestWithCode(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password,
    name string, statusCode int)

PrepareForComputerLogRequestWithCode only for test

func PrepareForCreateCredential Uses

func PrepareForCreateCredential(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, store, credential string)

PrepareForCreateCredential only for test

func PrepareForCreatePipelineJob Uses

func PrepareForCreatePipelineJob(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, jobPayload CreateJobPayload)

PrepareForCreatePipelineJob only for test

func PrepareForCreateSecretCredential Uses

func PrepareForCreateSecretCredential(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password,
    store string, cred StringCredentials)

PrepareForCreateSecretCredential only for test

func PrepareForCreateUsernamePasswordCredential Uses

func PrepareForCreateUsernamePasswordCredential(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password,
    store string, cred UsernamePasswordCredential)

PrepareForCreateUsernamePasswordCredential only for test

func PrepareForCredentialListJSON Uses

func PrepareForCredentialListJSON() string

PrepareForCredentialListJSON only for test

func PrepareForDeleteCredential Uses

func PrepareForDeleteCredential(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, store, id string)

PrepareForDeleteCredential only for test

func PrepareForDeleteUser Uses

func PrepareForDeleteUser(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, userName, user, passwd string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareForDeleteUser only for test

func PrepareForDisableJob Uses

func PrepareForDisableJob(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, name, user, token string)

PrepareForDisableJob only for test

func PrepareForEditUserDesc Uses

func PrepareForEditUserDesc(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, userName, description, user, passwd string)

PrepareForEditUserDesc only for test

func PrepareForEmptyAvaiablePluginList Uses

func PrepareForEmptyAvaiablePluginList(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForEmptyAvaiablePluginList only for test

func PrepareForEmptyInstalledPluginList Uses

func PrepareForEmptyInstalledPluginList(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string, depth int) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForEmptyInstalledPluginList only for test

func PrepareForEnableJob Uses

func PrepareForEnableJob(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, name, user, token string)

PrepareForEnableJob only for test

func PrepareForGetBuild Uses

func PrepareForGetBuild(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobName string, buildID int, user, password string)

PrepareForGetBuild only for test

func PrepareForGetCredentialList Uses

func PrepareForGetCredentialList(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, store string)

PrepareForGetCredentialList only for test

func PrepareForGetIdentity Uses

func PrepareForGetIdentity(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareForGetIdentity only for test

func PrepareForGetIssuer Uses

func PrepareForGetIssuer(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForGetIssuer only for test

func PrepareForGetIssuerWith500 Uses

func PrepareForGetIssuerWith500(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareForGetIssuerWith500 only for test

func PrepareForGetJCLIAsset Uses

func PrepareForGetJCLIAsset(ver string) (client *github.Client, teardown func())

PrepareForGetJCLIAsset only for test

func PrepareForGetJob Uses

func PrepareForGetJob(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobName, user, password string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareForGetJob only for test

func PrepareForGetJobInputActions Uses

func PrepareForGetJobInputActions(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, jobName string, buildID int) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForGetJobInputActions only for test

func PrepareForGetJobWithParams Uses

func PrepareForGetJobWithParams(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobName, user, password string)

PrepareForGetJobWithParams only for test

func PrepareForGetLatestJCLIAsset Uses

func PrepareForGetLatestJCLIAsset() (client *github.Client, teardown func())

PrepareForGetLatestJCLIAsset only for test

func PrepareForGetLatestReleaseAsset Uses

func PrepareForGetLatestReleaseAsset() (client *github.Client, teardown func())

PrepareForGetLatestReleaseAsset only for test

func PrepareForGetReleaseAssetByTagName Uses

func PrepareForGetReleaseAssetByTagName() (client *github.Client, teardown func())

PrepareForGetReleaseAssetByTagName only for test

func PrepareForInstallPlugin Uses

func PrepareForInstallPlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, pluginName, user, passwd string)

PrepareForInstallPlugin only for test

func PrepareForInstallPluginWithCode Uses

func PrepareForInstallPluginWithCode(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper,
    statusCode int, rootURL, pluginName, user, passwd string) (response *http.Response)

PrepareForInstallPluginWithCode only for test

func PrepareForInstallPluginWithVersion Uses

func PrepareForInstallPluginWithVersion(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, pluginName, version, user, passwd string)

PrepareForInstallPluginWithVersion only for test

func PrepareForJobLog Uses

func PrepareForJobLog(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobName string, buildID int, user, password string)

PrepareForJobLog only for test

func PrepareForLaunchComputer Uses

func PrepareForLaunchComputer(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password, name string)

PrepareForLaunchComputer only for test

func PrepareForManyAvaiablePlugin Uses

func PrepareForManyAvaiablePlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForManyAvaiablePlugin only for test

func PrepareForManyInstalledPlugins Uses

func PrepareForManyInstalledPlugins(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string, depth int) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForManyInstalledPlugins only for test

func PrepareForNoAvailablePlugins Uses

func PrepareForNoAvailablePlugins(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    requestCenter *http.Request, responseCenter *http.Response)

PrepareForNoAvailablePlugins only for the test case

func PrepareForOneAvaiablePlugin Uses

func PrepareForOneAvaiablePlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForOneAvaiablePlugin only for test

func PrepareForOneInstalledPlugin Uses

func PrepareForOneInstalledPlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForOneInstalledPlugin only for test

func PrepareForOneInstalledPluginWithPluginName Uses

func PrepareForOneInstalledPluginWithPluginName(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, pluginName string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForOneInstalledPluginWithPluginName only for test

func PrepareForOneInstalledPluginWithPluginNameAndVer Uses

func PrepareForOneInstalledPluginWithPluginNameAndVer(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL,
    pluginName, version string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForOneInstalledPluginWithPluginNameAndVer only for test

func PrepareForPipelineJob Uses

func PrepareForPipelineJob(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, passwd string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForPipelineJob only for test

func PrepareForRequest500UpdateCenter Uses

func PrepareForRequest500UpdateCenter(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    requestCenter *http.Request, responseCenter *http.Response)

PrepareForRequest500UpdateCenter only for the test case

func PrepareForRequestUpdateCenter Uses

func PrepareForRequestUpdateCenter(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    requestCenter *http.Request, responseCenter *http.Response)

PrepareForRequestUpdateCenter only for the test case

func PrepareForSASCApply Uses

func PrepareForSASCApply(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareForSASCApply only for test

func PrepareForSASCExport Uses

func PrepareForSASCExport(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareForSASCExport only for test

func PrepareForSASCExportWithCode Uses

func PrepareForSASCExportWithCode(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, code int)

PrepareForSASCExportWithCode only for test

func PrepareForSASCReload Uses

func PrepareForSASCReload(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareForSASCReload only for test

func PrepareForSASCSchema Uses

func PrepareForSASCSchema(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareForSASCSchema only for test

func PrepareForSASCSchemaWithCode Uses

func PrepareForSASCSchemaWithCode(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, code int)

PrepareForSASCSchemaWithCode only for test

func PrepareForSetMirrorCertificate Uses

func PrepareForSetMirrorCertificate(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, enable bool)

PrepareForSetMirrorCertificate only for test

func PrepareForShutdown Uses

func PrepareForShutdown(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, safe bool)

PrepareForShutdown only for test

func PrepareForSubmitInput Uses

func PrepareForSubmitInput(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobPath, user, password string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForSubmitInput only for test

func PrepareForSubmitProcessInput Uses

func PrepareForSubmitProcessInput(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, jobPath, user, password string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response)

PrepareForSubmitProcessInput only for test

func PrepareForUninstallPlugin Uses

func PrepareForUninstallPlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, pluginName string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response, requestCrumb *http.Request, responseCrumb *http.Response)

PrepareForUninstallPlugin only for test

func PrepareForUninstallPluginWith500 Uses

func PrepareForUninstallPluginWith500(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, pluginName string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response, requestCrumb *http.Request, responseCrumb *http.Response)

PrepareForUninstallPluginWith500 only for test

func PrepareForUpdatePipelineJob Uses

func PrepareForUpdatePipelineJob(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, script, user, password string)

PrepareForUpdatePipelineJob only for test

func PrepareForUploadPlugin Uses

func PrepareForUploadPlugin(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL string) (
    request *http.Request, response *http.Response, requestCrumb *http.Request, responseCrumb *http.Response)

PrepareForUploadPlugin only for test

func PrepareGetArtifacts Uses

func PrepareGetArtifacts(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, passwd,
    jobName string, buildID int) (response *http.Response)

PrepareGetArtifacts only for test

func PrepareGetEmptyArtifacts Uses

func PrepareGetEmptyArtifacts(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, passwd,
    jobName string, buildID int) (response *http.Response)

PrepareGetEmptyArtifacts only for test

func PrepareGetQueue Uses

func PrepareGetQueue(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, passwd string)

PrepareGetQueue only for test

func PrepareGetStatus Uses

func PrepareGetStatus(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string)

PrepareGetStatus only for test

func PrepareGetUser Uses

func PrepareGetUser(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, passwd string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareGetUser only for test

func PrepareOneItem Uses

func PrepareOneItem(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, name, kind, user, token string)

PrepareOneItem only for test

func PrepareOnePluginInfo Uses

func PrepareOnePluginInfo(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, pluginName string)

PrepareOnePluginInfo only for test

func PrepareOnePluginWithDep Uses

func PrepareOnePluginWithDep(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, pluginName string)

PrepareOnePluginWithDep only for test

func PrepareOnePluginWithOptionalDep Uses

func PrepareOnePluginWithOptionalDep(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, pluginName string)

PrepareOnePluginWithOptionalDep only for test

func PrepareRestart Uses

func PrepareRestart(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, statusCode int)

PrepareRestart only for test

func PrepareRestartDirectly Uses

func PrepareRestartDirectly(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, rootURL, user, password string, statusCode int)

PrepareRestartDirectly only for test

func PrepareShowPlugins Uses

func PrepareShowPlugins(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, keyword string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareShowPlugins only for test

func PrepareShowTrend Uses

func PrepareShowTrend(roundTripper *mhttp.MockRoundTripper, keyword string) (
    response *http.Response)

PrepareShowTrend only for test

func SetLanguage Uses

func SetLanguage(lan string)

SetLanguage set the language

func SetLogger Uses

func SetLogger(zapLogger *zap.Logger)

SetLogger set a global logger

type AgentLabel Uses

type AgentLabel struct {
    Name string

AgentLabel represents the label of Jenkins agent

type Artifact Uses

type Artifact struct {
    ID   string
    Name string
    Path string
    URL  string
    Size int64

Artifact represents the artifacts from Jenkins build

type ArtifactClient Uses

type ArtifactClient struct {

ArtifactClient is client for getting the artifacts

func (*ArtifactClient) List Uses

func (q *ArtifactClient) List(jobName string, buildID int) (artifacts []Artifact, err error)

List get the list of artifacts from a build

type AvailablePlugin Uses

type AvailablePlugin struct {

    // for the available list
    Name      string
    Installed bool
    Website   string
    Title     string

AvailablePlugin represetns a available plugin

type AvailablePluginList Uses

type AvailablePluginList struct {
    Data   []AvailablePlugin
    Status string

AvailablePluginList represents a list of available plugins

type CASCManager Uses

type CASCManager struct {

CASCManager is the client of configuration as code

func (*CASCManager) Apply Uses

func (c *CASCManager) Apply() (err error)

Apply apply the config of configuration-as-code

func (*CASCManager) Export Uses

func (c *CASCManager) Export() (config string, err error)

Export exports the config of configuration-as-code

func (*CASCManager) Reload Uses

func (c *CASCManager) Reload() (err error)

Reload reload the config of configuration-as-code

func (*CASCManager) Schema Uses

func (c *CASCManager) Schema() (schema string, err error)

Schema get the schema of configuration-as-code

type Cause Uses

type Cause struct {
    UpstreamURL      string
    UpstreamProject  string
    UpstreamBuild    int
    ShortDescription string

Cause represent the reason why job is triggered

type CauseAction Uses

type CauseAction struct {
    Causes []Cause

CauseAction is the collection of causes

type CenterPlugin Uses

type CenterPlugin struct {
    CompatibleWithInstalledVersion bool
    Excerpt                        string
    Installed                      InstalledPlugin
    MinimumJavaVersion             string
    Name                           string
    RequiredCore                   string
    SourceID                       string
    Title                          string
    URL                            string
    Version                        string
    Wiki                           string

CenterPlugin represents the all plugin from UpdateCenter

type CenterSite Uses

type CenterSite struct {
    AvailablesPlugins  []CenterPlugin `json:"availables"`
    ConnectionCheckURL string         `json:"connectionCheckUrl"`
    DataTimestamp      int64          `json:"dataTimestamp"`
    HasUpdates         bool           `json:"hasUpdates"`
    ID                 string         `json:"id"`
    UpdatePlugins      []CenterPlugin `json:"updates"`
    URL                string         `json:"url"`

CenterSite represents the site of update center

type Computer Uses

type Computer struct {
    AssignedLabels      []ComputerLabel
    Description         string
    DisplayName         string
    Idle                bool
    JnlpAgent           bool
    LaunchSupported     bool
    ManualLaunchAllowed bool
    NumExecutors        int
    Offline             bool
    OfflineCause        OfflineCause
    OfflineCauseReason  string
    TemporarilyOffline  bool

Computer is the agent of Jenkins

type ComputerClient Uses

type ComputerClient struct {

ComputerClient is client for operate computers

func (*ComputerClient) Create Uses

func (c *ComputerClient) Create(name string) (err error)

Create creates a computer by name

func (*ComputerClient) Delete Uses

func (c *ComputerClient) Delete(name string) (err error)

Delete removes a agent from Jenkins

func (*ComputerClient) GetLog Uses

func (c *ComputerClient) GetLog(name string) (log string, err error)

GetLog fetch the log a computer

func (*ComputerClient) GetSecret Uses

func (c *ComputerClient) GetSecret(name string) (secret string, err error)

GetSecret returns the secret of an agent

func (*ComputerClient) Launch Uses

func (c *ComputerClient) Launch(name string) (err error)

Launch starts up a agent

func (*ComputerClient) List Uses

func (c *ComputerClient) List() (computers ComputerList, err error)

List get the computer list

type ComputerLabel Uses

type ComputerLabel struct {
    Name string

ComputerLabel represents the label of a computer

type ComputerList Uses

type ComputerList struct {
    Computer       []Computer
    TotalExecutors int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ComputerList represents the list of computer from API

type CoreClient Uses

type CoreClient struct {

CoreClient hold the client of Jenkins core

func (*CoreClient) GetIdentity Uses

func (q *CoreClient) GetIdentity() (identity JenkinsIdentity, err error)

GetIdentity returns the identity of a Jenkins

func (*CoreClient) PrepareShutdown Uses

func (q *CoreClient) PrepareShutdown(cancel bool) (err error)

PrepareShutdown Put Jenkins in a Quiet mode, in preparation for a restart. In that mode Jenkins don’t start any build

func (*CoreClient) Restart Uses

func (q *CoreClient) Restart() (err error)

Restart will send the restart request

func (*CoreClient) RestartDirectly Uses

func (q *CoreClient) RestartDirectly() (err error)

RestartDirectly restart Jenkins directly

func (*CoreClient) Shutdown Uses

func (q *CoreClient) Shutdown(safe bool) (err error)

Shutdown puts Jenkins into the quiet mode, wait for existing builds to be completed, and then shut down Jenkins

type CreateJobPayload Uses

type CreateJobPayload struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`
    Mode string `json:"mode"`
    From string `json:"from"`

CreateJobPayload the payload for creating a job

type Credential Uses

type Credential struct {
    Description string `json:"description"`
    DisplayName string
    Fingerprint interface{}
    FullName    string
    ID          string `json:"id"`
    TypeName    string
    Class       string `json:"$class"`
    Scope       string `json:"scope"`

Credential of Jenkins

type CredentialList Uses

type CredentialList struct {
    Description     string
    DisplayName     string
    FullDisplayName string
    FullName        string
    Global          bool
    URLName         string
    Credentials     []Credential

CredentialList contains many credentials

type CredentialsManager Uses

type CredentialsManager struct {

CredentialsManager hold the info of credentials client

func (*CredentialsManager) Create Uses

func (c *CredentialsManager) Create(store, credential string) (err error)

Create create a credential in Jenkins

func (*CredentialsManager) CreateSecret Uses

func (c *CredentialsManager) CreateSecret(store string, cred StringCredentials) (err error)

CreateSecret create token credential in Jenkins

func (*CredentialsManager) CreateUsernamePassword Uses

func (c *CredentialsManager) CreateUsernamePassword(store string, cred UsernamePasswordCredential) (err error)

CreateUsernamePassword create username and password credential in Jenkins

func (*CredentialsManager) Delete Uses

func (c *CredentialsManager) Delete(store, id string) (err error)

Delete removes a credential by id from a store

func (*CredentialsManager) GetList Uses

func (c *CredentialsManager) GetList(store string) (credentialList CredentialList, err error)

GetList returns the credential list

type DefaultParameterValue Uses

type DefaultParameterValue struct {
    Description string
    Value       interface{}

DefaultParameterValue represents the default value for param

type GitHubReleaseClient Uses

type GitHubReleaseClient struct {
    Client *github.Client

GitHubReleaseClient is the client of jcli github

func (*GitHubReleaseClient) GetJCLIAsset Uses

func (g *GitHubReleaseClient) GetJCLIAsset(tagName string) (*ReleaseAsset, error)

GetJCLIAsset returns the asset from a tag name

func (*GitHubReleaseClient) GetLatestJCLIAsset Uses

func (g *GitHubReleaseClient) GetLatestJCLIAsset() (*ReleaseAsset, error)

GetLatestJCLIAsset returns the latest jcli asset

func (*GitHubReleaseClient) GetLatestReleaseAsset Uses

func (g *GitHubReleaseClient) GetLatestReleaseAsset(owner, repo string) (ra *ReleaseAsset, err error)

GetLatestReleaseAsset returns the latest release asset

func (*GitHubReleaseClient) GetReleaseAssetByTagName Uses

func (g *GitHubReleaseClient) GetReleaseAssetByTagName(owner, repo, tagName string) (ra *ReleaseAsset, err error)

GetReleaseAssetByTagName returns the release asset by tag name

func (*GitHubReleaseClient) Init Uses

func (g *GitHubReleaseClient) Init()

Init init the GitHub client

type IdentityBuild Uses

type IdentityBuild struct {
    Build JobBuild
    Cause IdentityCause

IdentityBuild is the build which carry the identity cause

type IdentityCause Uses

type IdentityCause struct {
    UUID             string `json:"uuid"`
    ShortDescription string `json:"shortDescription"`
    Message          string

IdentityCause carray a identity cause

type InstallStates Uses

type InstallStates struct {
    Data   InstallStatesData
    Status string

InstallStates is the installation states

type InstallStatesData Uses

type InstallStatesData struct {
    Jobs  InstallStatesJob
    State string

InstallStatesData is the installation state data

type InstallStatesJob Uses

type InstallStatesJob struct {
    InstallStatus   string
    Name            string
    RequiresRestart string
    Title           string
    Version         string

InstallStatesJob is the installation state job

type InstallationJob Uses

type InstallationJob struct {

    Name   string
    Status InstallationJobStatus

InstallationJob represents the installation job

type InstallationJobStatus Uses

type InstallationJobStatus struct {
    Success bool
    Type    string

InstallationJobStatus represents the installation job status

type InstalledPlugin Uses

type InstalledPlugin struct {

    Enable             bool
    ShortName          string
    LongName           string
    Version            string
    URL                string
    HasUpdate          bool
    Pinned             bool
    RequiredCoreVesion string
    MinimumJavaVersion string
    SupportDynamicLoad string
    BackVersion        string
    Dependencies       []PluginDependency

InstalledPlugin represent the installed plugin from Jenkins

type InstalledPluginList Uses

type InstalledPluginList struct {
    Plugins []InstalledPlugin

InstalledPluginList represent a list of plugins

type JenkinsCore Uses

type JenkinsCore struct {
    Timeout            time.Duration
    URL                string
    InsecureSkipVerify bool
    UserName           string
    Token              string
    Proxy              string
    ProxyAuth          string

    Debug        bool
    Output       io.Writer
    RoundTripper http.RoundTripper

JenkinsCore core information of Jenkins

func (*JenkinsCore) AuthHandle Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) AuthHandle(request *http.Request) (err error)

AuthHandle takes care of the auth

func (*JenkinsCore) CrumbHandle Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) CrumbHandle(request *http.Request) error

CrumbHandle handle crum with http request

func (*JenkinsCore) ErrorHandle Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) ErrorHandle(statusCode int, data []byte) (err error)

ErrorHandle handles the error cases

func (*JenkinsCore) GetClient Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) GetClient() (client *http.Client)

GetClient get the default http Jenkins client

func (*JenkinsCore) GetCrumb Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) GetCrumb() (crumbIssuer *JenkinsCrumb, err error)

GetCrumb get the crumb from Jenkins

func (*JenkinsCore) PermissionError Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) PermissionError(statusCode int) (err error)

PermissionError handles the no permission

func (*JenkinsCore) ProxyHandle Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) ProxyHandle(request *http.Request)

ProxyHandle takes care of the proxy setting

func (*JenkinsCore) Request Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) Request(method, api string, headers map[string]string, payload io.Reader) (
    statusCode int, data []byte, err error)

Request make a common request

func (*JenkinsCore) RequestWithData Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) RequestWithData(method, api string, headers map[string]string,
    payload io.Reader, successCode int, obj interface{}) (err error)

RequestWithData requests the api and parse the data into an interface

func (*JenkinsCore) RequestWithResponse Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) RequestWithResponse(method, api string, headers map[string]string, payload io.Reader) (
    response *http.Response, err error)

RequestWithResponse make a common request

func (*JenkinsCore) RequestWithResponseHeader Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) RequestWithResponseHeader(method, api string, headers map[string]string, payload io.Reader, obj interface{}) (
    response *http.Response, err error)

RequestWithResponseHeader make a common request

func (*JenkinsCore) RequestWithoutData Uses

func (j *JenkinsCore) RequestWithoutData(method, api string, headers map[string]string,
    payload io.Reader, successCode int) (statusCode int, err error)

RequestWithoutData requests the api without handling data

type JenkinsCrumb Uses

type JenkinsCrumb struct {
    CrumbRequestField string
    Crumb             string

JenkinsCrumb crumb for Jenkins

type JenkinsIdentity Uses

type JenkinsIdentity struct {
    Fingerprint   string
    PublicKey     string
    SystemMessage string

JenkinsIdentity belongs to a Jenkins

type JenkinsInputParametersRequest Uses

type JenkinsInputParametersRequest struct {
    Parameter []ParameterDefinition `json:"parameter"`

JenkinsInputParametersRequest represents the parameters for the Jenkins input request

type JenkinsItem Uses

type JenkinsItem struct {
    Name        string
    DisplayName string
    URL         string
    Description string
    Type        string

    /** comes from Job */
    Buildable bool
    Building  bool
    InQueue   bool

    /** comes from ParameterizedJob */
    Parameterized bool
    Disabled      bool

JenkinsItem represents the item of Jenkins

type JenkinsStatus Uses

type JenkinsStatus struct {
    AssignedLabels  []AgentLabel
    Description     string
    Jobs            []Job
    Mode            string
    NodeDescription string
    NodeName        string
    NumExecutors    int
    PrimaryView     View
    QuietingDown    bool
    SlaveAgentPort  int
    UseCrumbs       bool
    UseSecurity     bool
    Views           []View
    Version         string

JenkinsStatus holds the status of Jenkins

type JenkinsStatusClient Uses

type JenkinsStatusClient struct {

JenkinsStatusClient use to connect with Jenkins status

func (*JenkinsStatusClient) Get Uses

func (q *JenkinsStatusClient) Get() (status *JenkinsStatus, err error)

Get returns status of Jenkins

type Job Uses

type Job struct {
    Type            string `json:"_class"`
    Builds          []JobBuild
    Color           string
    ConcurrentBuild bool
    Name            string
    NextBuildNumber int
    URL             string
    Buildable       bool

    Property []ParametersDefinitionProperty

Job represents a job

type JobBuild Uses

type JobBuild struct {
    Building          bool
    Description       string
    DisplayName       string
    Duration          int64
    EstimatedDuration int64
    FullDisplayName   string
    ID                string
    KeepLog           bool
    QueueID           int
    Result            string
    Timestamp         int64
    PreviousBuild     SimpleJobBuild
    NextBuild         SimpleJobBuild

JobBuild represents a job build

type JobCategory Uses

type JobCategory struct {
    Description string
    ID          string
    Items       []JobCategoryItem
    MinToShow   int
    Name        string
    Order       int

JobCategory represents a job category

type JobCategoryItem Uses

type JobCategoryItem struct {
    Description string
    DisplayName string
    Order       int
    Class       string

JobCategoryItem represents a job category item

type JobClient Uses

type JobClient struct {

    Parent string

JobClient is client for operate jobs

func (*JobClient) AddParameters Uses

func (q *JobClient) AddParameters(name, parameters string) (err error)

AddParameters add parameters to a Pipeline

func (*JobClient) Build Uses

func (q *JobClient) Build(jobName string) (err error)

Build trigger a job

func (*JobClient) BuildAndReturn Uses

func (q *JobClient) BuildAndReturn(jobName, cause string, timeout, delay int) (build IdentityBuild, err error)

BuildAndReturn trigger a job then returns the build info

func (*JobClient) BuildWithParams Uses

func (q *JobClient) BuildWithParams(jobName string, parameters []ParameterDefinition) (err error)

BuildWithParams build a job which has params

func (*JobClient) Create Uses

func (q *JobClient) Create(jobPayload CreateJobPayload) (err error)

Create can create a job

func (*JobClient) Delete Uses

func (q *JobClient) Delete(jobName string) (err error)

Delete will delete a job by name

func (*JobClient) DeleteHistory Uses

func (q *JobClient) DeleteHistory(jobName string, num int) (err error)

DeleteHistory returns the build history of a job

func (*JobClient) DisableJob Uses

func (q *JobClient) DisableJob(jobName string) (err error)

DisableJob disable a job

func (*JobClient) EnableJob Uses

func (q *JobClient) EnableJob(jobName string) (err error)

EnableJob disable a job

func (*JobClient) GetBuild Uses

func (q *JobClient) GetBuild(jobName string, id int) (job *JobBuild, err error)

GetBuild get build information of a job

func (*JobClient) GetHistory Uses

func (q *JobClient) GetHistory(name string) (builds []*JobBuild, err error)

GetHistory returns the build history of a job

func (*JobClient) GetJob Uses

func (q *JobClient) GetJob(name string) (job *Job, err error)

GetJob returns the job info

func (*JobClient) GetJobInputActions Uses

func (q *JobClient) GetJobInputActions(jobName string, buildID int) (actions []JobInputItem, err error)

GetJobInputActions returns the all pending actions

func (*JobClient) GetJobTypeCategories Uses

func (q *JobClient) GetJobTypeCategories() (jobCategories []JobCategory, err error)

GetJobTypeCategories returns all categories of jobs

func (*JobClient) GetPipeline Uses

func (q *JobClient) GetPipeline(name string) (pipeline *Pipeline, err error)

GetPipeline return the pipeline object

func (*JobClient) JobInputSubmit Uses

func (q *JobClient) JobInputSubmit(jobName, inputID string, buildID int, abort bool, params map[string]string) (err error)

JobInputSubmit submit the pending input request

func (*JobClient) Log Uses

func (q *JobClient) Log(jobName string, history int, start int64) (jobLog JobLog, err error)

Log get the log of a job

func (*JobClient) RemoveParameters Uses

func (q *JobClient) RemoveParameters(name, parameters string) (err error)

RemoveParameters add parameters to a Pipeline

func (*JobClient) Search Uses

func (q *JobClient) Search(name, kind string, start, limit int) (items []JenkinsItem, err error)

Search find a set of jobs by name

func (*JobClient) StopJob Uses

func (q *JobClient) StopJob(jobName string, num int) (err error)

StopJob stops a job build

func (*JobClient) UpdatePipeline Uses

func (q *JobClient) UpdatePipeline(name, script string) (err error)

UpdatePipeline updates the pipeline script

type JobInputItem Uses

type JobInputItem struct {
    ID                  string
    AbortURL            string
    Message             string
    ProceedText         string
    ProceedURL          string
    RedirectApprovalURL string
    Inputs              []ParameterDefinition

JobInputItem represents a job input action

type JobLog Uses

type JobLog struct {
    HasMore   bool
    NextStart int64
    Text      string

JobLog holds the log text

type JobQueue Uses

type JobQueue struct {
    Items []QueueItem

JobQueue represent the job queue

type OfflineCause Uses

type OfflineCause struct {
    Timestamp   int64
    Description string

OfflineCause is the cause of computer offline

type ParameterDefinition Uses

type ParameterDefinition struct {
    Description           string
    Name                  string `json:"name"`
    Type                  string
    Value                 string `json:"value"`
    Filepath              string `json:"file"`
    DefaultParameterValue DefaultParameterValue

ParameterDefinition holds the parameter definition

type ParametersDefinitionProperty Uses

type ParametersDefinitionProperty struct {
    ParameterDefinitions []ParameterDefinition

ParametersDefinitionProperty holds the param definition property

type Pipeline Uses

type Pipeline struct {
    Script  string
    Sandbox bool

Pipeline represents a pipeline

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin struct {
    Active       bool
    Enabled      bool
    Bundled      bool
    Downgradable bool
    Deleted      bool

Plugin represents a plugin of Jenkins

type PluginAPI Uses

type PluginAPI struct {
    SkipDependency bool
    SkipOptional   bool
    UseMirror      bool
    ShowProgress   bool
    MirrorURL      string
    DownloadDir    string

    RoundTripper http.RoundTripper
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PluginAPI represents a plugin API

func (*PluginAPI) BatchSearchPlugins Uses

func (d *PluginAPI) BatchSearchPlugins(pluginNames string) (plugins []PluginInfo, err error)

BatchSearchPlugins will batch search plugins

func (*PluginAPI) DownloadPlugins Uses

func (d *PluginAPI) DownloadPlugins(names []string) (err error)

DownloadPlugins will download those plugins from update center

func (*PluginAPI) GetPlugin Uses

func (d *PluginAPI) GetPlugin(name string) (plugin *PluginInfo, err error)

GetPlugin will get the plugin information

func (*PluginAPI) ShowTrend Uses

func (d *PluginAPI) ShowTrend(name string) (trend string, err error)

ShowTrend show the trend of plugins

type PluginDependency Uses

type PluginDependency struct {
    Name      string `json:"name"`
    Implied   bool   `json:"implied"`
    Optional  bool   `json:"optional"`
    Title     string `json:"title"`
    Version   string `json:"version"`
    ShortName string `json:"shortName"`

PluginDependency represents a plugin dependency

type PluginInfo Uses

type PluginInfo struct {
    BuildDate         string             `json:"buildDate"`
    Dependencies      []PluginDependency `json:"dependencies"`
    Excerpt           string             `json:"excerpt"`
    FirstRelease      string             `json:"firstRelease"`
    Gav               string             `json:"gav"`
    Name              string             `json:"name"`
    PreviousTimestamp string             `json:"previousTimestamp"`
    PreviousVersion   string             `json:"previousVersion"`
    ReleaseTimestamp  string             `json:"releaseTimestamp"`
    RequireCore       string             `json:"RequireCore"`
    Title             string             `json:"title"`
    URL               string             `json:"url"`
    Version           string             `json:"version"`
    SecurityWarnings  []SecurityWarning  `json:"securityWarnings"`
    Stats             PluginInfoStats

PluginInfo hold the info of a plugin

type PluginInfoStats Uses

type PluginInfoStats struct {
    CurrentInstalls                   int
    Installations                     []PluginInstallationInfo
    InstallationsPerVersion           []PluginInstallationInfo
    InstallationsPercentage           []PluginInstallationInfo
    InstallationsPercentagePerVersion []PluginInstallationInfo
    Trend                             int

PluginInfoStats is the plugin info stats

type PluginInstallationInfo Uses

type PluginInstallationInfo struct {
    Timestamp  int64
    Total      int
    Version    string
    Percentage float64

PluginInstallationInfo represents the plugin installation info

type PluginManager Uses

type PluginManager struct {

    UseMirror    bool
    MirrorURL    string
    ShowProgress bool

PluginManager is the client of plugin manager

func (*PluginManager) CheckUpdate Uses

func (p *PluginManager) CheckUpdate(handle func(*http.Response)) (err error)

CheckUpdate fetch the latest plugins from update center site

func (*PluginManager) DownloadPluginWithVersion Uses

func (p *PluginManager) DownloadPluginWithVersion(nameWithVer string) error

DownloadPluginWithVersion downloads a plugin with name and version

func (*PluginManager) FindInstalledPlugin Uses

func (p *PluginManager) FindInstalledPlugin(name string) (targetPlugin *InstalledPlugin, err error)

FindInstalledPlugin find the exist plugin by name

func (*PluginManager) GetAvailablePlugins Uses

func (p *PluginManager) GetAvailablePlugins() (pluginList *AvailablePluginList, err error)

GetAvailablePlugins get the aviable plugins from Jenkins

func (*PluginManager) GetPlugins Uses

func (p *PluginManager) GetPlugins(depth int) (pluginList *InstalledPluginList, err error)

GetPlugins get installed plugins

func (*PluginManager) GetPluginsFormula Uses

func (p *PluginManager) GetPluginsFormula(data interface{}) (err error)

GetPluginsFormula get the plugin list with Jenkins formula format

func (*PluginManager) InstallPlugin Uses

func (p *PluginManager) InstallPlugin(names []string) (err error)

InstallPlugin install a plugin by name

func (*PluginManager) UninstallPlugin Uses

func (p *PluginManager) UninstallPlugin(name string) (err error)

UninstallPlugin uninstall a plugin by name

func (*PluginManager) Upload Uses

func (p *PluginManager) Upload(pluginFile string) (err error)

Upload will upload a file from local filesystem into Jenkins

type Plugins Uses

type Plugins struct {
    Limit   int          `json:"limit"`
    Page    int          `json:"page"`
    Pages   int          `json:"pages"`
    Total   int          `json:"total"`
    Plugins []PluginInfo `json:"plugins"`

Plugins represents multi PluginInfo

type QueueClient Uses

type QueueClient struct {

QueueClient is the client of queue

func (*QueueClient) Cancel Uses

func (q *QueueClient) Cancel(id int) (err error)

Cancel will cancel a job from the queue

func (*QueueClient) Get Uses

func (q *QueueClient) Get() (status *JobQueue, err error)

Get returns the job queue

type QueueItem Uses

type QueueItem struct {
    Blocked                    bool
    Buildable                  bool
    ID                         int
    Params                     string
    Pending                    bool
    Stuck                      bool
    URL                        string
    Why                        string
    BuildableStartMilliseconds int64
    InQueueSince               int64
    Actions                    []CauseAction

QueueItem is the item of job queue

type ReleaseAsset Uses

type ReleaseAsset struct {
    TagName string
    Body    string

ReleaseAsset is the asset from GitHub release

type RequestMatcher Uses

type RequestMatcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RequestMatcher to match the http request

func NewRequestMatcher Uses

func NewRequestMatcher(request *http.Request) *RequestMatcher

NewRequestMatcher create a request matcher will match request method and request path

func NewVerboseRequestMatcher Uses

func NewVerboseRequestMatcher(request *http.Request) *RequestMatcher

NewVerboseRequestMatcher create a verbose request matcher will match request method and request path

func (*RequestMatcher) Matches Uses

func (request *RequestMatcher) Matches(x interface{}) bool

Matches returns a matcher with given function

func (*RequestMatcher) String Uses

func (request *RequestMatcher) String() string

String returns the text of current object

func (*RequestMatcher) WithBody Uses

func (request *RequestMatcher) WithBody() *RequestMatcher

WithBody returns a matcher with body

func (*RequestMatcher) WithQuery Uses

func (request *RequestMatcher) WithQuery() *RequestMatcher

WithQuery returns a matcher with query

type SecurityWarning Uses

type SecurityWarning struct {
    Active   bool
    ID       string
    Message  string
    URL      string
    Versions []Version

SecurityWarning represents the plugin security-warining info

type SimpleJobBuild Uses

type SimpleJobBuild struct {
    Number int
    URL    string

SimpleJobBuild represents a simple job build

type StringCredentials Uses

type StringCredentials struct {
    Credential `json:",inline"`
    Secret     string `json:"secret"`

StringCredentials hold a token

type Token Uses

type Token struct {
    Status string    `json:"status"`
    Data   TokenData `json:"data"`

Token is the token of user

type TokenData Uses

type TokenData struct {
    TokenName  string `json:"tokenName"`
    TokenUUID  string `json:"tokenUuid"`
    TokenValue string `json:"tokenValue"`
    UserName   string `json:"userName"`

TokenData represents the token

type UpdateCenter Uses

type UpdateCenter struct {
    Availables                   []Plugin
    Jobs                         []InstallationJob
    RestartRequiredForCompletion bool
    Sites                        []CenterSite

UpdateCenter represents the update center of Jenkins

type UpdateCenterJob Uses

type UpdateCenterJob struct {
    ErrorMessage string
    ID           int `json:"id"`
    Type         string

UpdateCenterJob represents the job for updateCenter which execute a task

type UpdateCenterManager Uses

type UpdateCenterManager struct {

    MirrorSite string

    LTS     bool
    Version string
    Output  string

    Formula string

    Thread       int
    ShowProgress bool

UpdateCenterManager manages the UpdateCenter

func (*UpdateCenterManager) ChangeUpdateCenterSite Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) ChangeUpdateCenterSite(name, updateCenterURL string) (err error)

ChangeUpdateCenterSite updates the update center address

func (*UpdateCenterManager) DownloadJenkins Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) DownloadJenkins() (err error)

DownloadJenkins download Jenkins

func (*UpdateCenterManager) GetJenkinsWarURL Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) GetJenkinsWarURL() (warURL string)

GetJenkinsWarURL returns a URL of Jenkins war file

func (*UpdateCenterManager) GetSite Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) GetSite() (site *CenterSite, err error)

GetSite is get Available Plugins and Updated Plugins from UpdateCenter

func (*UpdateCenterManager) SetMirrorCertificate Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) SetMirrorCertificate(enable bool) (err error)

SetMirrorCertificate take the mirror certificate file or not

func (*UpdateCenterManager) Status Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) Status() (status *UpdateCenter, err error)

Status returns the status of Jenkins

func (*UpdateCenterManager) Upgrade Uses

func (u *UpdateCenterManager) Upgrade() (err error)

Upgrade the Jenkins core

type User Uses

type User struct {
    AbsoluteURL string `json:"absoluteUrl"`
    Description string
    FullName    string `json:"fullname"`
    ID          string

User for Jenkins

type UserClient Uses

type UserClient struct {

UserClient for connect the user

func (*UserClient) Create Uses

func (q *UserClient) Create(username, password string) (user *UserForCreate, err error)

Create will create a user in Jenkins

func (*UserClient) CreateToken Uses

func (q *UserClient) CreateToken(targetUser, newTokenName string) (status *Token, err error)

CreateToken create a token in Jenkins

func (*UserClient) Delete Uses

func (q *UserClient) Delete(username string) (err error)

Delete will remove a user from Jenkins

func (*UserClient) EditDesc Uses

func (q *UserClient) EditDesc(description string) (err error)

EditDesc update the description of a user

func (*UserClient) Get Uses

func (q *UserClient) Get() (status *User, err error)

Get returns a user's detail

type UserForCreate Uses

type UserForCreate struct {
    User      `json:",inline"`
    Username  string `json:"username"`
    Password1 string `json:"password1"`
    Password2 string `json:"password2"`
    Email     string `json:"email"`

UserForCreate is the data for creatig a user

type UsernamePasswordCredential Uses

type UsernamePasswordCredential struct {
    Credential `json:",inline"`
    Username   string `json:"username"`
    Password   string `json:"password"`

UsernamePasswordCredential hold the username and password

type Version Uses

type Version struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Version represents the SecurityWarning cover version

type View Uses

type View struct {
    Name string
    URL  string

View represents the view of Jenkins

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