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package ykpiv

import "github.com/jessfraz/ykpiv"

Package ykpiv provides Go bindings for libykpiv.


Package Files

cgo_helpers.go const.go doc.go types.go ykpiv.go


const (
    // ALGOTAG as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:113
    ALGOTAG = 0x80
    // ALGO3DES as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:114
    ALGO3DES = 0x03
    // ALGORSA1024 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:115
    ALGORSA1024 = 0x06
    // ALGORSA2048 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:116
    ALGORSA2048 = 0x07
    // ALGOECCP256 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:117
    ALGOECCP256 = 0x11
    // ALGOECCP384 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:118
    ALGOECCP384 = 0x14
    // KEYAUTHENTICATION as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:120
    // KEYCARDMGM as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:121
    KEYCARDMGM = 0x9b
    // KEYSIGNATURE as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:122
    // KEYKEYMGM as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:123
    KEYKEYMGM = 0x9d
    // KEYCARDAUTH as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:124
    KEYCARDAUTH = 0x9e
    // KEYRETIRED1 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:125
    KEYRETIRED1 = 0x82
    // KEYRETIRED2 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:126
    KEYRETIRED2 = 0x83
    // KEYRETIRED3 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:127
    KEYRETIRED3 = 0x84
    // KEYRETIRED4 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:128
    KEYRETIRED4 = 0x85
    // KEYRETIRED5 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:129
    KEYRETIRED5 = 0x86
    // KEYRETIRED6 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:130
    KEYRETIRED6 = 0x87
    // KEYRETIRED7 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:131
    KEYRETIRED7 = 0x88
    // KEYRETIRED8 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:132
    KEYRETIRED8 = 0x89
    // KEYRETIRED9 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:133
    KEYRETIRED9 = 0x8a
    // KEYRETIRED10 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:134
    KEYRETIRED10 = 0x8b
    // KEYRETIRED11 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:135
    KEYRETIRED11 = 0x8c
    // KEYRETIRED12 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:136
    KEYRETIRED12 = 0x8d
    // KEYRETIRED13 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:137
    KEYRETIRED13 = 0x8e
    // KEYRETIRED14 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:138
    KEYRETIRED14 = 0x8f
    // KEYRETIRED15 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:139
    KEYRETIRED15 = 0x90
    // KEYRETIRED16 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:140
    KEYRETIRED16 = 0x91
    // KEYRETIRED17 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:141
    KEYRETIRED17 = 0x92
    // KEYRETIRED18 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:142
    KEYRETIRED18 = 0x93
    // KEYRETIRED19 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:143
    KEYRETIRED19 = 0x94
    // KEYRETIRED20 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:144
    KEYRETIRED20 = 0x95
    // KEYATTESTATION as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:145
    // OBJCAPABILITY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:147
    OBJCAPABILITY = 0x5fc107
    // OBJCHUID as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:148
    OBJCHUID = 0x5fc102
    // OBJAUTHENTICATION as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:149
    // OBJFINGERPRINTS as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:150
    OBJFINGERPRINTS = 0x5fc103
    // OBJSECURITY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:151
    OBJSECURITY = 0x5fc106
    // OBJFACIAL as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:152
    OBJFACIAL = 0x5fc108
    // OBJPRINTED as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:153
    OBJPRINTED = 0x5fc109
    // OBJSIGNATURE as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:154
    OBJSIGNATURE = 0x5fc10a
    // OBJKEYMANAGEMENT as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:155
    // OBJCARDAUTH as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:156
    OBJCARDAUTH = 0x5fc101
    // OBJDISCOVERY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:157
    // OBJKEYHISTORY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:158
    OBJKEYHISTORY = 0x5fc10c
    // OBJIRIS as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:159
    OBJIRIS = 0x5fc121
    // OBJRETIRED1 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:161
    OBJRETIRED1 = 0x5fc10d
    // OBJRETIRED2 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:162
    OBJRETIRED2 = 0x5fc10e
    // OBJRETIRED3 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:163
    OBJRETIRED3 = 0x5fc10f
    // OBJRETIRED4 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:164
    OBJRETIRED4 = 0x5fc110
    // OBJRETIRED5 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:165
    OBJRETIRED5 = 0x5fc111
    // OBJRETIRED6 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:166
    OBJRETIRED6 = 0x5fc112
    // OBJRETIRED7 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:167
    OBJRETIRED7 = 0x5fc113
    // OBJRETIRED8 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:168
    OBJRETIRED8 = 0x5fc114
    // OBJRETIRED9 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:169
    OBJRETIRED9 = 0x5fc115
    // OBJRETIRED10 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:170
    OBJRETIRED10 = 0x5fc116
    // OBJRETIRED11 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:171
    OBJRETIRED11 = 0x5fc117
    // OBJRETIRED12 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:172
    OBJRETIRED12 = 0x5fc118
    // OBJRETIRED13 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:173
    OBJRETIRED13 = 0x5fc119
    // OBJRETIRED14 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:174
    OBJRETIRED14 = 0x5fc11a
    // OBJRETIRED15 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:175
    OBJRETIRED15 = 0x5fc11b
    // OBJRETIRED16 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:176
    OBJRETIRED16 = 0x5fc11c
    // OBJRETIRED17 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:177
    OBJRETIRED17 = 0x5fc11d
    // OBJRETIRED18 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:178
    OBJRETIRED18 = 0x5fc11e
    // OBJRETIRED19 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:179
    OBJRETIRED19 = 0x5fc11f
    // OBJRETIRED20 as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:180
    OBJRETIRED20 = 0x5fc120
    // OBJATTESTATION as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:182
    OBJATTESTATION = 0x5fff01
    // INSVERIFY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:184
    INSVERIFY = 0x20
    // INSCHANGEREFERENCE as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:185
    // INSRESETRETRY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:186
    // INSGENERATEASYMMETRIC as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:187
    // INSAUTHENTICATE as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:188
    // INSGETDATA as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:189
    INSGETDATA = 0xcb
    // INSPUTDATA as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:190
    INSPUTDATA = 0xdb
    // INSSETMGMKEY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:201
    // INSIMPORTKEY as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:202
    // INSGETVERSION as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:203
    // INSRESET as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:204
    INSRESET = 0xfb
    // INSSETPINRETRIES as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:205
    // INSATTEST as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:206
    INSATTEST = 0xf9
    // PINPOLICYTAG as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:208
    // PINPOLICYDEFAULT as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:209
    // PINPOLICYNEVER as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:210
    // PINPOLICYONCE as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:211
    // PINPOLICYALWAYS as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:212
    // TOUCHPOLICYTAG as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:214
    // TOUCHPOLICYDEFAULT as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:215
    // TOUCHPOLICYNEVER as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:216
    // TOUCHPOLICYALWAYS as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:217
    // TOUCHPOLICYCACHED as defined in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:218
    // VERSIONSTRING as defined in lib/ykpiv-version.h:46
    VERSIONSTRING = "1.4.2"
    // VERSIONNUMBER as defined in lib/ykpiv-version.h:56
    VERSIONNUMBER = 0x010402
    // VERSIONMAJOR as defined in lib/ykpiv-version.h:65
    // VERSIONMINOR as defined in lib/ykpiv-version.h:74
    // VERSIONPATCH as defined in lib/ykpiv-version.h:83

func CheckVersion Uses

func CheckVersion(reqVersion string) string

CheckVersion function as declared in lib/ykpiv-version.h:85

func Strerror Uses

func Strerror(err Rc) string

Strerror function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:63

func StrerrorName Uses

func StrerrorName(err Rc) string

StrerrorName function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:64

type RawString Uses

type RawString string

RawString reperesents a string backed by data on the C side.

func (RawString) Copy Uses

func (raw RawString) Copy() string

Copy returns a Go-managed copy of raw string.

type Rc Uses

type Rc int32

Rc as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:61

const (
    OK                  Rc  = iota
    MEMORYERROR         Rc  = -1
    PCSCERROR           Rc  = -2
    SIZEERROR           Rc  = -3
    APPLETERROR         Rc  = -4
    RANDOMNESSERROR     Rc  = -6
    GENERICERROR        Rc  = -7
    KEYERROR            Rc  = -8
    PARSEERROR          Rc  = -9
    WRONGPIN            Rc  = -10
    INVALIDOBJECT       Rc  = -11
    ALGORITHMERROR      Rc  = -12
    PINLOCKED           Rc  = -13

Rc enumeration from ykpiv/ykpiv.h:61

func Authenticate Uses

func Authenticate(state []State, key string) Rc

Authenticate function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:74

func ChangePin Uses

func ChangePin(state []State, currentPin string, currentPinLen uint, newPin string, newPinLen uint, tries []int32) Rc

ChangePin function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:89

func ChangePuk Uses

func ChangePuk(state []State, currentPuk string, currentPukLen uint, newPuk string, newPukLen uint, tries []int32) Rc

ChangePuk function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:92

func Connect Uses

func Connect(state []State, wanted string) Rc

Connect function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:68

func DecipherData Uses

func DecipherData(state []State, encIn string, inLen uint, encOut []byte, outLen []uint, algorithm byte, key byte) Rc

DecipherData function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:84

func Disconnect Uses

func Disconnect(state []State) Rc

Disconnect function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:70

func Done Uses

func Done(state []State) Rc

Done function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:67

func FetchObject Uses

func FetchObject(state []State, objectId int32, data []byte, len []uint) Rc

FetchObject function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:98

func GetVersion Uses

func GetVersion(state []State, version []byte, len uint) Rc

GetVersion function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:87

func HexDecode Uses

func HexDecode(hexIn string, inLen uint, hexOut []byte, outLen []uint) Rc

HexDecode function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:76

func ImportPrivateKey Uses

func ImportPrivateKey(state []State, key byte, algorithm byte, p string, pLen uint, q string, qLen uint, dp string, dpLen uint, dq string, dqLen uint, qinv string, qinvLen uint, ecData string, ecDataLen byte, pinPolicy byte, touchPolicy byte) Rc

ImportPrivateKey function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:104

func Init Uses

func Init(state [][]State, verbose int32) Rc

Init function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:66

func ListReaders Uses

func ListReaders(state []State, readers []byte, len []uint) Rc

ListReaders function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:69

func SaveObject Uses

func SaveObject(state []State, objectId int32, indata []byte, len uint) Rc

SaveObject function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:102

func SetMgmkey Uses

func SetMgmkey(state []State, newKey string) Rc

SetMgmkey function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:75

func SetMgmkey2 Uses

func SetMgmkey2(state []State, newKey string, touch byte) Rc

SetMgmkey2 function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:100

func SignData Uses

func SignData(state []State, signIn string, inLen uint, signOut []byte, outLen []uint, algorithm byte, key byte) Rc

SignData function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:78

func TransferData Uses

func TransferData(state []State, templ string, inData string, inLen int, outData []byte, outLen []uint, sw []int32) Rc

TransferData function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:71

func UnblockPin Uses

func UnblockPin(state []State, puk string, pukLen uint, newPin string, newPinLen uint, tries []int32) Rc

UnblockPin function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:95

func Verify Uses

func Verify(state []State, pin string, tries []int32) Rc

Verify function as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:88

type State Uses

type State C.ykpiv_state

State as declared in ykpiv/ykpiv.h:44

func NewState Uses

func NewState() *State

NewState allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewStateRef Uses

func NewStateRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *State

NewStateRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*State) Free Uses

func (x *State) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*State) PassRef Uses

func (x *State) PassRef() *C.ykpiv_state

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*State) Ref Uses

func (x *State) Ref() *C.ykpiv_state

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

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