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package selectors

import "github.com/jetstack/cert-manager/pkg/controller/acmeorders/selectors"


Package Files

dns_names.go dns_zones.go labels.go selector.go

type Selector Uses

type Selector interface {
    // Matches returns the number of matches that this selector
    // has with the given object metadata and dnsName.
    // The greater the returned number, the more 'specific' of a
    // match this meta/dnsName pair has with this selector.
    // In some cases, the selector may 'match' (i.e. the bool == true),
    // but the number of matches may be zero (i.e. for a label selector,
    // where an empty selector matches all).
    Matches(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, dnsName string) (bool, int)

func DNSNames Uses

func DNSNames(sel cmacme.CertificateDNSNameSelector) Selector

func DNSZones Uses

func DNSZones(sel cmacme.CertificateDNSNameSelector) Selector

func Labels Uses

func Labels(sel cmacme.CertificateDNSNameSelector) Selector

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