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package scheduler

import "github.com/jetstack/cert-manager/pkg/scheduler"


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type ProcessFunc Uses

type ProcessFunc func(interface{})

ProcessFunc is a function to process an item in the work queue.

type ScheduledWorkQueue Uses

type ScheduledWorkQueue interface {
    // Add will add an item to this queue, executing the ProcessFunc after the
    // Duration has come (since the time Add was called). If an existing Timer
    // for obj already exists, the previous timer will be cancelled.
    Add(interface{}, time.Duration)
    // Forget will cancel the timer for the given object, if the timer exists.

ScheduledWorkQueue is an interface to describe a queue that will execute the given ProcessFunc with the object given to Add once the time.Duration is up, since the time of calling Add.

func NewScheduledWorkQueue Uses

func NewScheduledWorkQueue(clock clock.Clock, processFunc ProcessFunc) ScheduledWorkQueue

NewScheduledWorkQueue will create a new workqueue with the given processFunc

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