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package stringutil

import "github.com/jhillyerd/enmime/internal/stringutil"


Package Files

addr.go unicode.go uuid.go wrap.go

func JoinAddress Uses

func JoinAddress(addrs []mail.Address) string

JoinAddress formats a slice of Address structs such that they can be used in a To or Cc header.

func ToASCII Uses

func ToASCII(s string) string

ToASCII converts unicode to ASCII by stripping accents and converting some special characters into their ASCII approximations. Anything else will be replaced with an underscore.

func UUID Uses

func UUID() string

UUID generates a random UUID according to RFC 4122.

func Wrap Uses

func Wrap(max int, strs ...string) []byte

Wrap builds a byte slice from strs, wrapping on word boundaries before max chars

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